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VH1 Legends

This one-hour documentary premiered in 1999, on the anniversary of the birthday of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

From his childhood in Texas to his first scenic days in Austin, his rise to stardom and his tragic death in 1990.

Childhood home of Stevie
Rare images of Stevie playing the Montreux Jazz Festival
Behind the scenes of one of his tours
Photos from childhood
The last night of his life
Interviews with Stevie, drummer Chris Layton, bass player Tommy Shannon and friend/songwriter Doyle Bramhall.

MTV Unplugged Session - 30th January 1990

This is the best quality version of the MTV Unplugged session that Stevie did. The programme was shared with Joe Satriani.

Three complete songs were broadcast: Rude Mood, Pride and Joy and Testify. There was also an aborted version of "Life Without You" broadcast, which was later used as a plug for the broadcast.

The performance was recorded on 30th January 1990 and broadcast on 4th March 1990.

There is also a 38 minute long unedited film of the performance.

South Texas Tornado Jam, Manor Downs, TX - 11th July 1981)

Upscaled to 1080p with remastered audio.
This gets removed from YouTube every time it is posted, so it's quite hard to find.

Austin City Limits Full Show - 13th December 1983

This is the full show, including unbroadcast tracks and false starts.

01 Testify (take 1) 0:00
02 So Excited (take aborted) 4:14
03 Shake 'n Bake 5:20
04 Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 8:30
05 Pride and Joy (take 1) 16:15
06 Texas Flood 20:10 

07 Love Struck Baby 29:13
08 Mary Had a Little Lamb 32:35
09 Tin Pan Alley 35:59
10 Rude Mood 46:02
11 Lenny (take 1 aborted) 50:44
12 Lenny (take 2) 52:16

13 Pride and Joy (take 2) 1:00:58
14 Testify (take 2 aborted) 1:07:04
15 Testify (take 3) 1:09:26
16 Blues Before Sunrise (with Jimmie Vaughan, Angela Strehli, Kim Wilson) 1:17:08
17 Lost Cause (with Jimmie Vaughan, Angela Strehli, Kim Wilson) 1:25:30

Austin City Limits Full Show - 10th October 1989

This is the full show, including the unbroadcast track and the tracks that Stevie did with the W.C. Clark Blues Revue

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble Section

01 The House Is Rockin'
02 Tightrope
03 May I Have a Talk With You
04 Mary Had a Little Lamb
05 Leave My Girl Alone
06 Crossfire

07 Look at Little Sister
08 Superstition
09 Cold Shot
10 Couldn't Stand the Weather
11 Voodoo Chile
12 Riviera Paradise

W.C Clark Blues Revue Section

W.C.Clark - guitar, vocals
Jon Blondell - trombone, bass
Barry Smith - drums
George Winn - bass
Rusty Trapps - vocals

With special guests:
Stevie Ray Vaughan - guitar
Jimmie Vaughan - guitar
Kim Wilson - harmonica
Will Sexton - guitar
Lou Ann Barton - vocals
Denny Freeman - guitar

01 Little Thing (Jam with SRV)
02 Make my Guitar Talk Talk Talk To You (Jimmy Vaughan & Kim Wilison)
03 Big Town Play Boy (Angela Strehli, Jimmy Vaughan & Kim Wilison)
04 Lovers Plea
05 Take Me To The River (All)
06 Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away

Saturday Night Live

Stevie played Saturday Night Live on 15th February 1986. The band played 2 songs, Say What! and Change It. Here is the video including  the introductions by Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger. Jimmie Vaughan also appears on Change It.

Below is the rehearsal from 13th February 1986

Other Videos

1978 - Triple Threat Revue with Lou Ann Barton - Some early footage of Stevie Ray Vaughan in Triple Thread Revue with Lou Ann Barton.

1983-12-06 - In Session with Albert King - Recorded live for television on 6th December 1983, at CHCH-TV studios in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, when Vaughan was 29 and King was 60.

1984-08-25 - Rockpalast Show, Germany - Concert at the Loreley Freilichtbühne which was was filmed for a German television show, Rockpalast.

1985-01-24 - Shiba Yubin Chokin Hall, Tokyo - Part of a 5-day tour of Japan to support their recently released album, Couldn't Stand the Weather.

1985-07-15 - Live at Montreux 1985 - Stevie returned to Montreux in 1985, after his 1982 debut. This time he was an established star and didn't get booed! Enjoy the full concert.

1985-09-21 - Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ - Recorded on the Soul to Soul tour, whilst Stevie was at the height of substance and alcohol abuse.

1985 & 1988 - Live in Finland - Various clips from TV shows in Finland from 1985 & 1988, showing both live recordings and interviews.

1986-08-26 - Orpheum Theater, Memphis, TN - Also recorded on the Soul to Soul tour, a couple of months before Stevie booked himself into rehab.

1988-07-03 - Pistoia Blues Festival, Italy - Top quality pro-shot recording, recorded live at the Pistoia Blues Festival, in Italy.

1989-01-21 - President's Inaugural Ball, Washington DC - 1989 concert celebrating the inauguration of George H.W. Bush, from the DVD, A Celebration of Blues and Soul. Also features Jimmy Vaughan.

1989-09-03 - Miller Lite Party, Dallas, TX - In the late Eighties, Miller Lite beer, in an attempt to boost sales, planned a huge event, which included two huge stadium shows headlined by the Who with support from Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble.

1990-01-30 - Unplugged (National Video Center, NYC) - MTV Unplugged session, recorded at the National Video Center, New York City. on 30th January 1990. It was broadcast at the same time as the Joe Satriani session.

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