"Stevie Ray Vaughan .. Timeless innovator…"

"Never got to see him live, but latched on to his music back in 1985. He was a master and turned me from an elderly rocker to a blues/rock affictionado. RIP brother, sad that we can’t experience where you and Hendrix would have taken the guitar."

"I leant over my steering wheel and cried when the news came over the radio. He was the best ever." 

"I have always loved Stevie Ray and every performance I see him & so many other great musicians play, I appreciate the Blues even more.. What a spectacular musician he was, he will forever live on in music history and in my house."

"This loss still hurts, and it hurts bad."

"I saw him and Double Trouble at Newport Jazz Festival in Saratoga Springs NY of all places, in 1985. They were tight, loud and outta sight! They fit right in with the line up. "

"First time for me was 1978 at some little dive called The Steamboat, Austin Texas. Many times after too. His music still fills my heart."

"Stevie turned my brain & blood blue forever. Miss you man."

"In my eyes he is a true legend! A genius at what he did with the guitar and no one will ever come close to his standard of musicianship."

"One of the best, he made the guitar sing..."

"Stevie will be rockin’ the house in Heaven. One of the best…EVER! Damn I still miss him."

"Stevie Ray is my favorite….love, love, love his music. He makes a guitar cry like no one else could. Many imitators…but only ONE!"

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