Miscellaneous Items

Business Cards and Contact Details

Guitar Shop Ledgers for Some Early Purchases

1974 Fingerprints

On 10th May 1974 Stevie was charged with shoplifting 2 steaks.
He was arrested and given a fixed penalty charge.

1974 Arrest Fingerprints

1979 Charge Sheet and Fingerprints

Stevie was charged with possession of cocaine on 5th December 1979. He was released on bail. On 17th April 1980 he was sentenced to 2 years probation and ordered not to leave Texas for this period. Stevie later hired a new lawyer, who got the probation conditions changed to allow him to work outside of Texas.

1985 Car Insrance Charge Sheet

On 21st march 1985 Stevie was charged with Speeding and "Failure to maintain financial responsibility", which is driving without any insurance.

1985 Charge Sheet

Stevie's Wallet

Stevie left this Wallet in his hotel in Yyteri , Pori, Finland. There was nothing valuable inside it, only some receipts and a membership card to the American Automobile Association Club (pictured above). Note that the name on that card is "A Lenny". The wallet was handed in to the local police station and after a certain time had elapsed, the police gave wallet to a local journalist. This journalist gave it to the owner as a present.

Stevie Ray Vaughan's Wallet
Stevie Ray Vaughan's Wallet

Stevie's 1966 Corvette Stingray

Stevie's Handwritten Biography

Below is the handwritten biography that Stevie wrote to chart his history to date. It was written in 1981

Stevie's Record Collection

The photos below are of some records from Stevie's personal collection. During the 1960s and 1970s it was common to inscribe your name on your records, so as not to lose them at parties or so friends would remember who they borrowed them from!

Paul Ray and the Cobras - Austin Sun 1977 Band of the Year Award

Texas Flood - German Fanzine

Antone's Family Tree

The Antones' Family Tree from the Austin Chronicle. Please note that this is a re-production exactly as it appears in the book and it is not 100% complete or accurate.

Antone's Family Tree

Antone's Publicity Posters

Hand-Written Notes and Letters



Tokai Guitars Contract

It is thought that a deal was possibly being negotiated with Tokai Guitars and that Stevie received a number guitars as an incentive. However, Stevie was upset at the way Tokai had brandished his picture all over their catalogue and advertising posters and the deal was aborted. The contract below was signed, but more than likely his signature was forged by his then wife Lenny.

Invitation to Carnegie Hall Aftershow Party

The first 2 items below are the official CBS invite to the Carnegie Hall aftershow party.
The badge on the right was given to those people who attended the aftershow party..

Fan Club Newsletter

Invitation and Itinerary for "Solid Gold" TV Show 1984

Other Items of Interest

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