Triple Threat Revue

Band Information

Stevie left The Cobras in late 1977 and formed Triple Threat Revue with Lou Ann Barton, Mike Kindred, W.C. Clark, Freddie Pharaoh and Johnny Reno.

Whilst Stevie had been hanging out at Alexander’s, a gas station, barbecue and beer place just outside Austin, he would sit in with the bands, fitting in as needed - playing guitar, singing or playing drums.

Due to his multiple talents, the locals began calling him Triple Threat, so, when it came time to pick a name for his new band, it seemed obvious; he called it The Triple Threat Revue.

The Triple Threat Revue stayed together in this form until the middle of 1978. By then Stevie had decided the band had too many leaders, so he and Lou Ann Barton left to form their next band.

Triple Threat Revue

From L to R: Mike Kindred, W.C. Clark, Lou Ann Barton,
Freddie "Pharaoh" Walden, Stevie

Triple Threat Revue

From L to R: Stevie, W.C. Clark and Lou Ann

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