The "Soul to Soul" Tour

Tour Information

Soul to Soul Tour Ticket Stub

Location:  North America, Europe, Australasia 
Associated album:  Soul to Soul 
Start date: 7th June 1985
End date: 2nd October 1986
Legs:  8
Number of Shows: 201

Tour Itinerary
Leg 1 - United States and Europe (7th Jun 1985 - 15th Jul 1985) 
Leg 2 - North America (23rd Jul 1985 – 7th Sep 1985) 
Leg 3 - United States (24th Sep 1985 - 24th Nov 1985) 
Leg 4 - United States (6th Dec 1985 - 31st Dec 1985) 
Leg 5 - United States and Australasia (23rd Jan 1986 - 29th Mar 1986) 
Leg 6 - United States (13th Apr 1986 - 3rd May 1986) 
Leg 7 - North America (20th Jun 1986 - 29th Aug 1986)
Leg 8 - Europe (12th Sep 1986 - 2nd Oct 1986)

The Soul to Soul Tour took place during 1985 and 1986. At the beginning of the tour, the band had finished recording their album Soul to Soul. Their commercial and critical acclaim had been demonstrated during the Couldn't Stand the Weather Tour in 1984, when they had played before a sold-out audience at Carnegie Hall. Longing for opportunities to expand the group's lineup, the band hired keyboardist Reese Wynans during the Soul to Soul recording sessions in Dallas, Texas.

The first leg of the tour's itinerary took the band to the United States and then on to Europe, where they performed for nearly two weeks. They then returned to North America where during a span of eight months, they alternated visits between the US and Canada, before the fourth leg took the group to Australasia. After two additional North American legs, the band made a second trip to Europe, where the schedule of performances was interrupted after Stevie suffered illness, although he continued to perform for two more shows. The final leg in Europe incorporated stops in seven countries, before the group's return to the US in October 1986.

The band's 1986 live album, Live Alive, was recorded during select shows of the tour, and many of its songs were played in 1986 through 1988. The length of the Soul to Soul Tour, at that time longest, exhausted the band as the final leg unfolded. However, the extended break at the tour's conclusion enabled both Stevie and bassist Tommy Shannon to enter treatment for drug and alcohol addictions and successfully achieve sobriety.

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