Miscellaneous Gigs and Appearances

Below are a selection of one-off gigs, studio sessions and appearances by Stevie over the years.
The list is by no means complete, but it does include some of the more interesting dates.

 Click on the date to show the setlist, where available.

Cast of Thousands
??-???-71 - Studio Recordings, Dallas, TX (recording of 2 tracks for the "A new Hi" compilation album)

??-???-72 - Studio Recordings, Austin, TX

Jimmie, Stevie and Friends
25-Feb-73 - The South Door, Austin, TX (Billed as Jim & Stevie Vaughan & Friends, plus Mama's Cooking)

??-Apr-73 - Studio Recordings, Los Angeles, CA

Paul Ray and the Cobras
??-???-75 - Studio Recordings, Austin, TX

Triple Threat Revue
??-???-77 - Hole Sound Recording Studios, Austin, TX, with Triple Threat Revue

Double Trouble

??-???-79 - Studio recordings, Austin, TX, with Angela Strehli and the Cobras
20-Aug-79 - KFAT "Fat Fry" Radio Show, Gilroy, CA
Autumn-79 - Studio recordings, Electric Graceyland, Austin, TX
??-Nov-79 - Studio recordings, Jack Clement's home studio, Nashville, TN (recording of unreleased first album)

??-???-83 - Interview with Jim Ladd
03-Mar-83 - Austin Chronicle Music Awards, Club Foot, Austin, TX
11-Apr-83 - KUT Austin Radio, Austin, TX
16-Jun-83 - Tango, Dallas, TX (Texas Flood Release Party)
28-Jul-83 - MTV interview
23-Jul-83 - Top Cat Sound Studios (Stevie and Buddy Guy jam for John McEnroe and Vitas Gerulaitis)
30-Jul-83 - The Soup Kitchen, Detroit, MI (jam with Hubert Sumlin's band)
06-Sep-83 - Lieder Und Leute, Berlin, Germany (TV Appearance)
12-Sep-83 - CBS Record Bar Convention, Durham, NC
03-Oct-83 - Unknown Venue, Austin, TX
13-Oct-83 - Rock of the 80s, Showtime, NYC (TV Appearance)
27-Nov-83 - Mr Lucky's Denver, CO - Stevie sits in with the Rosie Malone Group
06-Dec-83 - In Session with Albert King, CHCH Studios, Hamilton, ONT, Canada
10-Dec-83 - Antone's, Austin, TX (with Buddy Guy, Junior Wells & Jimmie Vaughan)
13-Dec-83 - KLRU Studios, Austin City Limits, University of Texas, Austin, TX (TV broadcast)

??-???-84 - Canadian TV Interview (Stevie talks about the woman in the Cold Shot video)
??-???-84 - Off The Record with Mary Turner
??-???-84 - Radio Station, NJ
??-???-84 - Solid Gold, Los Angeles, CA (TV Show, Stevie and the band are miming)
04-Feb-84 - Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam (2 songs)
09-Feb-84 - Moonshadow Saloon, Atlanta, GA (Private Party)
28-Feb-84 - The Grammy Awards, Los Angeles, CA
??-Mar-84 - WPDH, Poughkeepsie, NY
06-Mar-84 - CBS Record Convention, Honolulu, HI
08-Mar-84 - Austin Music Awards, Opry House, Austin, TX
29-Mar-84 - Vaakuna Hotel, Oulu, Finland (Impromptu Jam with a local band)
14-Apr-84 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX (1 song with Koko Taylor)
17-Apr-84 - Colorado River (called Town Lake) Riverboat Cruise to launch the CSTW album
24-Apr-84 - Memphis Blues Fest, Memphis, TN
09-May-84 - Mistral, Loew's Anatole Hotel, Dallas, TX (Sitting in with Fabulous Thunderbirds at the Texas Music Awards)
26-May-84 - Antone's, Austin, TX (as guest of Buddy Guy)
14-Jun-84 - Universal Studio, Burbank, CA (Solid Gold TV Show - mimed Cold Shot)
14-Jul-84 - Antone's, Austin, TX (sitting in with Hubert Sumlin)
12-Sep-84 - The Record Bar convention at the Marriot, Hilton Head, SC
??-Oct-84 - Agora Ballroom, West Hartford, CT
01-Oct-84 - Rehearsals for Carnegie Hall show in New York
02-Oct-84 - Rehearsals for Carnegie Hall show in New York
??-Oct-84 - The Bert Newton Show, Australia (plays Cold Shot)
??-Oct-84 - Sounds with Maurice Parker, Australia
27-Oct-84 - Hey, Hey, It's Saturday, Australia Texas Flood
30-Oct-84 - Nightmoves Show, Melbourne, Australia
18-Nov-84 - Orpheum Theatre, Memphis, TN (All-Star Jam with BB King, Albert King and others)

21-Jan-85 - Best Hits USA, Japan
Mar-May-85 - Dallas Sound Labs, Dallas, TX (Soul to Soul Sessions)
31-Mar-85 - CBLT-TV, Toronto, ONT, Canada (4 songs)
08-Apr-85 - Fast and Cools, Dallas, TX (3 songs with Eric Johnson)
10-Apr-85 - The Astrodome, Houston, TX (plays Star Spangled Banner)
01-Jun-85 - Auditorium Shores, Austin, TX (Soul to Soul warm up gig)
23-Jun-85 - Mikell's, New York, NY (Cornell's 25th Birthday Bash - Stevie Plays 4 songs)
??-Jul-85 - Thrill Of A Lifetime, CTV Studios, Toronto, ONT, Canada
??-Jul-85 - BRT Radio, Holland
16-Jul-85 - Ohne Filter TV Show, Baden-Baden, Germany
26-Jul-85 - Albert Hall, Toronto, ONT (55 minute Jam with Albert Collins & Jeff Healey)
01-Aug-85 - Unknown Venue, Dallas, TX (with Eric Johnson)
07-Aug-85 - Lake Ray Hubbard, Dallas, TX - (Epic Records Boat Cruise to promote Soul to Soul)
10-Aug-85 - Lone Star Cafe, NYC, NY (sitting in with Robert Gordon)
06-Sep-85 - Sunday Night Blues, KZEW-FM, Dallas, TX
19-Sep-85 - McKale Center, Tucson, AZ
21-Sep-85 - Rock Influences, Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
08-Oct-85 - KBCO Studio, Boulder, CO
14-Oct-85 - Navy Fleet Benefit 85, Pier 30-32, San Francisco, CA
14-Oct-85 - Cowboys for Indians Benefit, Community Theater, Berkeley, CA
20-Oct-85 - Antones, Austin, TX (Stevie sits in with Otis Rush)
28-Oct-85 - Rockline Plays 3 live songs)

31-Jan-86 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX (sitting in with John Lee Hooker, Robert Cray & Roy Rogers)
15-Feb-86 - Rehearsal for Saturday Night Live, NBC Studios, NYC, NY
15-Feb-86 - Saturday Night Live, NBC Studios, New York City, NY
31-Mar-86 - Fair Park Coliseum, Dallas, TX - Annual Tbirds Festival (with Fabulous T'Birds)
08-Apr-86 - State Fair Coliseum, Dallas, TX
14-Apr-86 - Lone Star Cafe, New York City, NY (sitting in Buddy Guy)
12-May-86 - Robinson's Auditorium, Little Rock, AR
24-May-86 - Antone's, Austin, TX (with T-Birds & Buddy Guy)
25-May-86 - Long Branch Park, Liverpool, NY
02-Jun-86 - Texas Riverfest, Austin, TX (sitting in with T-Birds)
07-Jun-86 - Fallsfest, Lucy Park, Wichita Falls, TX
09-Jun-86 - Unknown Venue, Dallas, TX (sitting in with Eric Johnson)
14-Jun-86 - Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA (sitting in with BB King)
15-Jun-86 - Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA (sitting in with BB King)
30-Jun-86 - unknown venue, Rochester, NY
28-Jul-86 - Record Plant Hollywood, CA (Live Alive Studio Work)
26-Aug-86 - American Caravan TV Show, Orpheum Theater, Memphis, TN (Hosted by Lonnie Mack)
12-Nov-86 - Center Stage Theatre, Atlanta, GA (Stevie joins Bonnie Raitt on stage to sing and play)
16-Nov-86 - Memphis, TN - Stevie co-hosts the 7th Annual Blues Awards with BB King and Dixon Myers
29-Nov-86 - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI (sitting in with Roomful of Blues)
08-Dec-86 - Rockline interview
13-Dec-86 - Duff's Rooftop, Peoria, IL (sitting in with Bernard Allison)

??-???-87 - The Howard Stern Show, New York City, NY
??-???-87 - It's Only Rock'n'Roll, CBC Studios, Toronto, Ont.
09-Jan-87 - Austin, TX (sitting in with unknown musician)
21-Jan-87 - The Redux Club, Dallas, TX (sitting in with Robert Cray)
27-Jan-87 - USF Sun Dome, Tampa, FL
26-Feb-87 - Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA (plays Stormy Monday with Neville Bros)
26-Feb-87 - MTV Interview, New Orleans, LA
01-Mar-87 - MTV Broadcast of the SS Presidente, New Orleans, LA Show (New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival)
15-Mar-87 - Record One Studio, Los Angeles, CA (Stevie records Pipeline)
15-Apr-87 - Ebony Showcase Theater, Los Angeles, CA (filming BB King and Friends)
25-May-87 - Rockline TV Interview
??-Jun-87 - CBC TV, Toronto, ONT, Canada (Look at Little Sister with Jeff Healey)
13-Jul-87 - Antone's, Austin, TX (sitting in with Hubert Sumlin)
29-Aug-87 - The Grand Emporium, Kansas City, MO (sitting in with Lonnie Brooks)
14-Sep-87 - Poor David's Pub, Dallas, TX (sitting in with Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets)
26-Sep-87 - Convention Center, Dallas, TX (Stevie sits in with Fabulous Thunderbirds)
05-Oct-87 - Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (sitting in with Fabulous Thunderbirds)
06-Oct-87 - Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (sitting in with Fabulous Thunderbirds)
22-Oct-87 - St Peter's Church, New York City, NY (Stevie performs acoustic blues instrumental at John Hammond's memorial)
22-Nov-87 - Antone's, Austin, TX (Stevie plays with Bono and The Edge from U2)
02-Dec-87 - Austin Opera House, Austin, TX

??-???-88 - MTV The Life and Times of SRV, England
09-Mar-88 - Unknown Venue (Stevie performs on Stevie Wonder's Characters TV show)
??-Apr-88 - MTV Characters
03-May-88 - Unknown Venue, Toronto ONT, Canada
10-May-88 - Much Music, Toronto, ONT, Canada (TV Interview)
21-May-88 - Unknown Venue, Houston, TX
30-May-88 - Auditorium Shores, Austin, TX (6th T-Bird River Festival)
06-Jun-88 - Radio Kaiku, Oulu, Finland
??-Jul-88 - Wired, London, England
14-Aug-88 - Longhorn Ballroom, Dallas, TX (Oakcliff Reunion Gig)
14-Sep-88 - Unknown Venue, Dallas, TX
17-Sep-88 - St Andrew's Club, New York City, NY (Stevie jams with Carlos Santana, T. Birds, Buddy Guy and the Neville Bros)
09-Oct-88 - Concord Pavilion, Concord, CA (Stevie performs Texas Flood with Larry Davis)
14-Oct-88 - Austin Opera House, Austix, TX (R'n'B Foundation Concert)
15-Oct-88 - Austin Opera House, Austix, TX (R'n'B Foundation Concert)
24-Nov-88 - University of California, CA
25-Nov-88 - The Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
07-Dec-88 - Unknown Venue, Milwaukee, WI

21-Jan-89 - President Bush's Inaugural Ball, Washington DC
08-Apr-89 - Greenpeace Concert, The Supertop, Auckland, New Zealand
20-Apr-89 - Starlight Bowl, San Diego, CA
15-May-89 - Rockline TV Interview
??-Jun-89 - Much Music, Toronto, ONT, Canada
03-Jul-89 - Rockline TV Interview, New York, NY
16-Jul-89 - MTV Guitar Greats Rockumentary
19-Jul-89 - The Arsenio Hall Show, Fox Studios, Los Angeles, CA (2 songs)
22-Jul-89 - The Forum, Montreal, QC, Canada
27-Jul-89 - Unknown Venue, Clarkston, MI
30-Jul-89 - Legends Club, Chicago, IL (with Buddy Guy)
??-Aug-89 - Beach Boys Summer Show, Universal Studios, LA, CA (2 songs)
16-Aug-89 - Beacon Theater, New York, NY (Benefit for the homeless
??-Sep-89 - MTV Promo
01-Sep-89 - Q102 FM, Dallas, TX
13-Sep-89 - The Today Show, New York City, NY (Stevie is interviewed and performs The House is Rockin')
22-Sep-89 - Late Night with David Letterman, NBC Studios, NYC, NY
23-Sep-89 - Auditorium Shores, Austin, TX
25-Sep-89 - Off The Record with Mary Turner (Radio Show)
28-Sep-89 - After Hours
29-Sep-89 - Today Show, NBC Studios, New York City, NY
02-Oct-89 - Sunday Night TV broadcast)
10-Oct-89 - Austin City Limits, University of Texas, Austin, TX (WC Clark's 50th Birtthday Party)
12-Oct-89 - Night Music with David Sanborn, NBC Studios Los Angeles, CA (3 songs)
15-Oct-89 - Late Night with David Letterman, NBC Studios, NYC, NY
20-Oct-89 - Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, AZ
21-Oct-89 - Amarillo, TX (Western Merchandisers Sales Convention)
23-Oct-89 - Timothy White's Rock Stars, Sound On Sound Studios, NYC, NY
28-Oct-89 - Legends Club, Chicago, IL (sitting in with Jeff Beck)
28-Oct-89 - MTV Bootleg Show (Goin' Down with Jeff Beck)
01-Nov-89 - The Forum, Montreal, QC, Canada (Much Music TV Interivew)
27-Nov-89 - Civic Center, Amarillo, TX
11-Dec-89 - Unknown Venue, Atlanta, GA
31-Dec-89 - The Ritz, New York City, NY (early show with Roomful of Blues)

01-Jan-90 - The Ritz, New York City, NY (2am late show)
06-Jan-90 - Oceanway Studios, Los Angeles, CA (recording Bob Dylan's Under the Red Sky album)
24-Jan-90 - Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA (The Late Show with David Letterman)
25-Jan-90 - Goodnight Audio Recording Studios, Dallas, TX (Records 2 one minute commercials for Pepsi)
30-Jan-90 - MTV Studios, New York City, NY (MTV Unplugged)
01-Feb-90 - Universal City, Los Angeles, CA (David Letterman 8th Anniversary Special)
10-Apr-90 - New York City, NY (The Late Show with David Letterman - Stevie performs Wall of Denial)
15-Apr-90 - The Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit, MI (sitting in with Eric Clapton for 2 songs - Before You Accuse Me and After Midnight)
19-Apr-90 - Fargo, ND, Walk of Fame - (Put handprints in cement)
12-May-90 - Sound On Sound Studios, New York City, NY
??-Jun-90 - NBC Studios, New York City, NY (Late Night with David Letterman)
07-Jun-90 - NBC Studios, Burbank, CA (The Tonight Show - 2 songs - Tightrope & The House is Rockin')
02-Jul-90 - Dr. Rockets, London, ONT, Canada
30-Jul-90 - Harriet Island, St. Paul, MN (Riverfest)

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