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Gilley's Club 1986

There are copies of Gilley's Club poster readily available and being offered online, but nearly all of them are reproductions. The original Stevie Ray Vaughan 1986 Gilley’s concert poster (left-hand side) has just one musical note on the right of the center photo, whereas the reproductions (centre and right-hand side) all have two/three musical notes on the left and two musical notes on the right of the photo.

There are even two versions of the reproduction poster. If you look closely at the bottom left of the genuine poster there is a line of print identifying the maker as Tribune Showprint, Inc. with their contact details.
Reproduction posters are out there both with and without this line of print, so just because it has the Tribune Showprint marking, it does not mean it is real.

If it has the four musical notes around the picture, it is 100% a reproduction. Reproductions should cost around 15GBP – 25GBP and
they are easily obtained on eBay and other auction sites.

If you want the real thing, firstly make sure there is only one musical note on the right hand side and expect to pay many times more for it!

It is worth noting that it is doubtful that this show even took place. The band were performing in Monroe, LA on 27th April 1986 and at the New Orleans Jazz Festival on 3rd May 1986. The Jazz Festival started on 27th April, so it is likely that the band would have remained in Louisiana for the whole week.

Secondly, nearly all the shows at Gilley's were recorded for Armed Forces radio broadcast. The fact that there is no recording in circulation, leads me to believe that it never took place.

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