Double Trouble "The Early Years 1978-1983"

Tour Dates

Click on the dates to see setlists, where available.


23-Jun-78 - After Hours, Austin, TX
24-Jun-78 - After Hours, Austin, TX
27-Jun-78 - Faces, Dallas, TX
28-Jun-78 - Faces, Dallas, TX
29-Jun-78 - Faces, Dallas, TX
30-Jun-78 - Faces, Dallas, TX
01-Jul-78 - Faces, Dallas, TX
02-Jul-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
05-Jul-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
10-Jul-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX (with Lou Ann Barton)
11-Jul-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
14-Jul-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX (with Lou Ann Barton)
15-Jul-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
16-Jul-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
17-Jul-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
17-Jul-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
26-Jul-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
28-Jul-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
29-Jul-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
30-Jul-78 - Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX
30-Jul-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
31-Jul-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
02-Aug-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
06-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
07-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
14-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
18-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
19-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
20-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
21-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
22-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX (with Lou Ann Barton)
24-Aug-78 - Stubbs Bar-B-Q, Lubbock, TX
25-Aug-78 - Stubbs Bar-B-Q, Lubbock, TX
26-Aug-78 - Stubbs Bar-B-Q, Lubbock, TX
27-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
28-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
30-Aug-78 - Studio 21, San Antonio, TX (with Lou Ann Barton)
01-Sep-78 - After Hours, Austin, TX
02-Sep-78 - After Hours, Austin, TX
03-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
04-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
06-Sep-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
07-Sep-78 - Atzlan Club, Austin, TX
08-Sep-78 - Atzlan Club, Austin, TX
09-Sep-78 - Atzlan Club, Austin, TX
10-Sep-78 - New Bluebird, Ft Worth, TX
11-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
12-Sep-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
13-Sep-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
14-Sep-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
15-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
16-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
17-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
18-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
20-Sep-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX

21-Sep-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
22-Sep-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
23-Sep-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
24-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
27-Sep-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
28-Sep-78 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX (private party)
29-Sep-78 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX (private party)
30-Sep-78 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX (private party)
05-Oct-78 - Stubb's Bar-B-Q, Lubbock, TX
06-Oct-78 - Stubb's Bar-B-Q, Lubbock, TX
07-Oct-78 - Cotton Club, Lubbock, TX
11-Oct-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
14-Oct-78 - Walker Auditorium, Waco, TX
15-Oct-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
18-Oct-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
19-Oct-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
20-Oct-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
21-Oct-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
22-Oct-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
23-Oct-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
25-Oct-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Ausin, TX
26-Oct-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
29-Oct-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
30-Oct-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
31-Oct-78 - 5050 Club, San Antonio, TX
01-Nov-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
02-Nov-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
05-Nov-78 - Stubb's Bar-B-Q, Lubbock, TX
17-Nov-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
18-Nov-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
19-Nov-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
23-Nov-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
24-Nov-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
27-Nov-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
28-Nov-78 - KRTU, San Antonio, TX
01-Dec-78 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
02-Dec-78 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
04-Dec-78 - Mother Blues, Dallas, TX
05-Dec-78 - Mother Blues, Dallas, TX
06-Dec-78 - Mother Blues, Dallas, TX
07-Dec-78 - Mother Blues, Dallas, TX
08-Dec-78 - Antone's, Austin, TX
09-Dec-78 - Antone's, Austin, TX
10-Dec-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
12-Dec-78 - 5050 Club, San Antonio, TX
14-Dec-78 - After Hours, Austin, TX
15-Dec-78 - After Hours, Austin, TX
16-Dec-78 - After Hours, Austin, TX
17-Dec-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
21-Dec-78 - Lalnza's, Corpus Christi, TX
22-Dec-78 - Lalnza's, Corpus Christi, TX
23-Dec-78 - Lalnza's, Corpus Christi, TX
29-Dec-78 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
30-Dec-78 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
31-Dec-78 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX


01-Jan-79 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
12-Jan-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
13-Jan-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX 
14-Jan-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
02-Feb-79 - After Ours, Austin, TX
03-Feb-79 - After Ours, Austin, TX
04-Feb-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
02-Mar-79 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
02-Apr-79 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX (with Roomful of Blues)
06-Apr-79 - Ricardo's Cadillac, San Antonio, TX
07-Apr-79 - Ricardo's Cadillac, San Antonio, TX
08-Apr-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
14-Apr-79 - Austin Blues Festival, Austin, TX
15-Apr-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
20-Apr-79 - Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX
21-Apr-79 - Ricardo's Cadillac, San Antonio, TX
22-Apr-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
27-Apr-79 - Fitzgerald's, Houton, TX
28-Apr-79 - Fitzgerald's, Houton, TX
29-Apr-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
08-May-79 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
17-May-79 - Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX
18-May-79 - After Ours, Austin, TX
19-May-79 - After Ours, Austin, TX
22-May-79 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
01-Jun-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
02-Jun-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
03-Jun-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
07-Jun-79 - Reed's Red Derby, San Antonio, TX
08-Jun-79 - Reed's Red Derby, San Antonio, TX
09-Jun-79 - Reed's Red Derby, San Antonio, TX
10-Jun-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
11-Jun-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
14-Jun-79 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
15-Jun-79 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
16-Jun-79 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
18-Jun-79 - Juneteenth Blues Festival, Houston, TX
29-Jun-79 - After Hours, Austin, TX
30-Jun-79 - After Hours, Austin, TX
03-Jul-79 - Fannie Ann's, Dallas, TX
06-Jul-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
07-Jul-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
08-Jul-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
12-Jul-79 - Reed's Red Derby, San Antonio, TX
13-Jul-79 - Reed's Red Derby, San Antonio, TX
14-Jul-79 - Reed's Red Derby, San Antonio, TX
15-Jul-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
20-Jul-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
21-Jul-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
22-Jul-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
25-Jul-79 - Miranda's, College Station, TX
26-Jul-79 - Miranda's, College Station, TX
27-Jul-79 - Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX
27-Jul-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX (cancelled)
28-Jul-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX (cancelled)
29-Jul-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
02-Aug-79 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
03-Aug-79 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
04-Aug-79 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
06-Aug-79 - Opry House, Austin, TX
07-Aug-79 - Opry House, Austin, TX
10-Aug-79 - Iron Horse
12-Aug-79 - San Francisco Blues Festival, San Francisco, CA (afternoon)
12-Aug-79 - Keystone, Berkely, CA (evening)
17-Aug-79 - High Country, Santa Cruz, CA (with Ron Thompson Band)
18-Aug-79 - High Country, Santa Cruz, CA (with Robert Cray Band)
20-Aug-79 - Keystone, Palo Alto, CA (for KFAT-FM with Robert Cray)
23-Aug-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
24-Aug-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
25-Aug-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
26-Aug-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
27-Aug-79 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX

28-Aug-79 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
30-Aug-79 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
31-Aug-79 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
 05-Sep-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX (cancelled)
07-Sep-79 - Crazy Bob's, Austin, TX
08-Sep-79 - Crazy Bob's, Austin, TX
10-Sep-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
12-Sep-79 - Miranda's, College Station, TX
13-Sep-79 - Miranda's, College Station, TX
14-Sep-79 - Antone's, Austin, TX
15-Sep-79 - Antone's, Austin, TX
18-Sep-79 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
19-Sep-79 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
21-Sep-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
22-Sep-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
23-Sep-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
28-Sep-79 - Fast Eddie's, Fort Worth, TX
29-Sep-79 - Fast Eddie's, Fort Worth, TX
30-Sep-79 - Bluebird Lounge, Fort Worth, TX
01-Oct-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX (cancelled)
04-Oct-79 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
05-Oct-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
06-Oct-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
07-Oct-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
10-Oct-79 - Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA
11-Oct-79 - Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA
12-Oct-79 - Unknown Venue, Hattiesburg, MS
13-Oct-79 - Unknown Venue, Hattiesburg, MS
14-Oct-79 - Solomon Alfred's, Memphis, TN
15-Oct-79 - Solomon Alfred's, Memphis, TN
16-Oct-79 - Solomon Alfred's, Memphis, TN
17-Oct-79 - Solomon Alfred's, Memphis, TN
18-Oct-79 - Unknown Venue, Atlanta, GA (with Albert Collins)
20-Oct-79 - Unknown Venue, Atlanta, GA
24-Oct-79 - Brother's, Birmingham, AL
25-Oct-79 - Brother's, Birmingham, AL (with Delbert McClinton)
26-Oct-79 - Brother's, Birmingham, AL (with Amazin Rhythm Aces)
27-Oct-79 - Brother's, Birmingham, AL (with Amazin Rhythm Aces)
28-Oct-79 - Double Door Inn, Charlotte, NC
29-Oct-79 - Double Door Inn, Charlotte, NC
31-Oct-79 - Unknown Venue, Cabaret, PA
02-Nov-79 - Unknown Venue, Scott Depot, WV
03-Nov-79 - Unknown Venue, Scott Depot, WV
05-Nov-79 - University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
06-Nov-79 - University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
09-Nov-79 - Desperado's, Washington, DC
10-Nov-79 - Desperado's, Washington, DC
13-Nov-79 - Lone Star Cafe, New York City, NY
14-Nov-79 - Lone Star Cafe, New York City, NY
16-Nov-79 - Unknown Venue, Stanhope, NJ
17-Nov-79 - Unknown Venue, Stanhope, NJ
18-Nov-79 - Unknown Venue, Salisbury, MD
21-Nov-79 - Unknown Venue, Washington, DC
22-Nov-79 - Knickerbocker Cafe, Westerly, RI
24-Nov-79 - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI (LA Barton's last gig)
30-Nov-79 - Antone's, Austin, TX
01-Dec-79 - Antone's, Austin, TX
02-Dec-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
05-Dec-79 - Palace, Houston, TX (with Muddy Waters)
06-Dec-79 - Unknown Venue, Lubbock, TX (cancelled)
07-Dec-79 - Unknown Venue, Lubbock, TX
08-Dec-79 - Unknown Venue, Lubbock, TX
14-Dec-79 - Rockerfella's, Houston, TX
15-Dec-79 - Rockerfella's, Houston, TX
16-Dec-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
19-Dec-79 - Fast Eddie's, Fort Worth, TX (cancelled)
21-Dec-79 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
22-Dec-79 - Antone's, Austin, TX
23-Dec-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
28-Dec-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
29-Dec-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
31-Dec-79 - Antone's, Austin, TX


03-Jan-80 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
04-Jan-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
05-Jan-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
06-Jan-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
09-Jan-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
10-Jan-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
11-Jan-80 - After Hours, Austin, TX
12-Jan-80 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
13-Jan-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
17-Jan-80 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
18-Jan-80 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
19-Jan-80 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
20-Jan-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
23-Jan-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
24-Jan-80 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX (cancelled)
25-Jan-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
26-Jan-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
27-Jan-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
01-Feb-80 - After Hours, Austin, TX (cancelled)
02-Feb-80 - After Hours, Austin, TX (cancelled)
05-Feb-80 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
06-Feb-80 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
08-Feb-80 - Agora, Atlanta, GA
09-Feb-80 - Double Door Inn, Charlotte, NC
12-Feb-80 - Desperado's, Washington DC
13-Feb-80 - Desperado's, Washington DC
15-Feb-80 - No Fish Today, Baltimore, MD
16-Feb-80 - No Fish Today, Baltimore, MD
21-Feb-80 - Elbow Room, Harrisonburg, VA
22-Feb-80 - Mancini's, Pittsburgh, PA
23-Feb-80 - Evergreen, Pittsburgh, PA
25-Feb-80 - Downtown Cafe, Atlanta, GA
26-Feb-80 - Downtown Cafe, Atlanta, GA
29-Feb-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
??-Mar-80 - Holiday Inn, Groton, CT
01-Mat-80 - Fitzgeralds, Houston, TX
02-Mar-80 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
07-Mar-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
08-Mar-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
09-Mar-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
14-Mar-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
15-Mar-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
16-Mar-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
18-Mar-80 - Stephen F Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX
20-Mar-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
21-Mar-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX 
22-Mar-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
27-Mar-80 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
28-Mar-80 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
29-Mar-80 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
01-Apr-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
04-Apr-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
05-Apr-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
07-Apr-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX (with the Fabulous Thunderbirds)
10-Apr-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
11-Apr-80 - TJ's, College Station, TX
12-Apr-80 - TJ's, College Station, TX
18-Apr-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
19-Apr-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
24-Apr-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
25-Apr-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
26-Apr-80 - Private Party
28-Apr-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
29-Apr-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
30-Apr-80 - Private Party for artist Bill Narum, Austin, TX
03-May-80 - Splash Day, Manor Downs, Manor, TX
05-May-80 - South Austin Rec (afternoon)
05-May-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX (evening)
08-May-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
09-May-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
10-May-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
11-May-80 - Tornado Jam, Lubbock, TX
13-May-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
21-May-80 - Wintergarden Ballroom, Dallas, TX
23-May-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
24-May-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
30-May-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
31-May-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
01-Jun-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
02-Jun-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
06-Jun-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
08-Jun-80 - Benefit for C-Boy, Austin, TX
18-Jun-80 - Opry House, Austin, TX
20-Jun-80 - Rockefellers, Houston, TX
21-Jun-80 - Rockefellers, Houston, TX
22-Jun-80 - Agora Ballroom, Dallas, TX
23-Jun-80 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
24-Jun-80 - D.J.'s, Dallas, TX

30-Jun-80 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
01-Jul-80 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
04-Jul-80 - Brothers, Jacksonville, AL
05-Jul-80 - Brothers, Jacksonville, AL
09-Jul-80 - Double Door Inn, Charlotte, NC
11-Jul-80 - Elbow Room, Harrisonburg, VA
12-Jul-80 - Hideaway
14-Jul-80 - Lone Star, New York City, NY
15-Jul-80 - Lone Star, New York City, NY
16-Jul-80 - The Heat Club
17-Jul-80 - Psyche Deli, Bethesda, MD
18-Jul-80 - No Fish Today, Baltimore, MD
19-Jul-80 - No Fish Today, Baltimore, MD
21-Jul-80 - Mine Shaft, Charlottesville, VA
22-Jul-80 - King's Bay Inn, Norfolk, VA
24-Jul-80 - Desperado's, Washington, DC
25-Jul-80 - Evergreen, Pittsburg, PA
26-Jul-80 - Mancini's, Pittsburg, PA
22-Aug-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
23-Aug-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
28-Aug-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
29-Aug-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
30-Aug-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
31-Aug-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
05-Sep-80 - Bottom Line, New York, NY
06-Sep-80 - Bottom Line, New York, NY
08-Sep-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
12-Sep-80 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
13-Sep-80 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
14-Sep-80 - Zeros
16-Sep-80 - Agora, Dallas, TX
18-Sep-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
19-Sep-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
20-Sep-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
22-Sep-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
23-Sep-80 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
24-Sep-80 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
25-Sep-80 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
26-Sep-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
27-Sep-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
01-Oct-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
02-Oct-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
03-Oct-80 - Christopher Moon, Dallas, TX
04-Oct-80 - Christopher Moon, Dallas, TX
05-Oct-80 - Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX
06-Oct-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
10-Oct-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
11-Oct-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
13-Oct-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX (cancelled)
14-Oct-80 - Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA (cancelled)
17-Oct-80 - Bottom Line, Austin, NY
18-Oct-80 - Bottom Line, Austin, NY
20-Oct-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
21-Oct-80 - Christopher Moon, Dallas, TX
22-Oct-80 - Christopher Moon, Dallas, TX
23-Oct-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
24-Oct-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
25-Oct-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
27-Oct-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
30-Oct-80 - Tootsie's, Fort Worth, TX
31-Oct-80 - Christopher Moon, Dallas, TX
31-Oct-80 - Ark Co-Op Dorm, Austin, TX
01-Nov-80 - Tootsie's, Fort Worth, TX
07-Nov-80 - Third Coast, Austin, TX
08-Nov-80 - Third Coast, Austin, TX
12-Nov-80 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
13-Nov-80 - Fatty's, Ruston, LA
14-Nov-80 - Fatty's, Ruston, LA
15-Nov-80 - St.Christopher's, Dallas, TX
16-Nov-80 - Zeros, Fort Worth, TX
21-Nov-80 - Third Coast, Austin, TX
22-Nov-80 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
24-Nov-80 - Opry House, Austin TX
28-Nov-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
29-Nov-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
04-Dec-80 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
05-Dec-80 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
06-Dec-80 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
11-Dec-80 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
12-Dec-80 - Tootsie's, Fort Worth, TX
13-Dec-80 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
18-Dec-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
19-Dec-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
20-Dec-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
21-Dec-80 - Bottom Line, Austin, TX
22-Dec-80 - Bottom Line, Austin, TX
26-Dec-80 - Steamboat, Houston, TX
27-Dec-80 - Steamboat, Houston, TX
31-Dec-80 - Opry House, Austin, TX


01-Jan-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
02-Jan-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
03-Jan-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX (Jackie Newhouse's last gig)
09-Jan-81 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
10-Jan-81 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
11-Jan-81 - Agora, Houston, TX
12-Jan-81 - Private Party
16-Jan-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
17-Jan-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
22-Jan-81 - University of Houston (afternoon)
22-Jan-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX (evening)
23-Jan-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
24-Jan-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
28-Jan-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
29-Jan-81 - Tootsie's, Fort Worth, TX
31-Jan-81 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
01-Feb-81 - Third Coast, Austin, TX
06-Feb-81 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
07-Feb-81 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
13-Feb-81 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
14-Feb-81 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
17-Feb-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
18-Feb-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
19-Feb-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
20-Feb-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
21-Feb-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
22-Feb-81 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX (cancelled)
24-Feb-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
25-Feb-81 - Skipwilly's, Houston, TX (cancelled)
27-Feb-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
28-Feb-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
02-Mar-81 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
03-Mar-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
10-Mar-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
11-Mar-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
12-Mar-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
13-Mar-81 - Al's Bamboo, Dallas, TX
14-Mar-81 - Al's Bamboo, Dallas, TX
20-Mar-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
21-Mar-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
23-Mar-81 - Opry House, Austin, TX
24-Mar-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
25-Mar-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
27-Mar-81 - Friendly Club, Fort Worth, TX
28-Mar-81 - Saint Christophers, Dallas, TX
03-Apr-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
04-Apr-81 - Third Coast, Austin, TX
05-Apr-81 - Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX
06-Apr-81 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
07-Apr-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
09-Apr-81 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
10-Apr-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
11-Apr-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
12-Apr-81 - Unknown Venue, Beaumont, TX
14-Apr-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
17-Apr-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
18-Apr-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
21-Apr-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
23-Apr-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
24-Apr-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
25-Apr-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
27-Apr-81 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
28-Apr-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
30-Apr-81 - Easy Street, Padre Island, TX
01-May-81 - Easy Street, Padre Island, TX
02-May-81 - Third Coast, Austin, TX
03-May-81 - The Ark Co-Op, Austin, TX
07-May-81 - Blossom's, Fort Worth, TX
08-May-81 - Al's Bamboo, Dallas, TX
09-May-81 - Al's Bamboo, Dallas, TX
10-May-81 - Lee Park, Dallas, TX
10-May-81 - Private Party for Jeff Newman, Dallas, TX
15-May-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
16-May-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
20-May-81 - Humphrey's, Shreveport, LA
21-May-81 - Humphrey's, Shreveport, LA
22-May-81 - Tavern, Opelousa, LA
23-May-81 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
24-May-81 - Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA
26-May-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
29-May-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
30-May-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
03-Jun-81 - Auditorium Shores, Austin, TX
05-Jun-81 - Al's Bamboo, Dallas, TX
06-Jun-81 - Al's Bambo, Dallas, TX
12-Jun-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
13-Jun-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
17-Jun-81 - Club Foot, Austin, TX
18-Jun-81 - Club Foot, Austin, TX
22-Jun-81 - Unknown Venue, Tulsa, OK
23-Jun-81 - Unknown Venue, Tulsa, OK
24-Jun-81 - Lawrence Opry, Lawrence, KS
26-Jun-81 - Jawbone, Chicago, IL
27-Jun-81 - Hyatt Regency, Chicago, IL
28-Jun-81 - Tut's, Chicago, IL
30-Jun-81 - Union Bar, St Paul, MN
01-Jul-81 - Unknown Venue, Minneapolis, MN
02-Jul-81 - B and B Tap, Oshgosh, WI

03-Jul-81 - Fitzgerald's, Chicago, IL
04-Jul-81 - Harling's Upstairs, Kansas City, MO
07-Jul-81 - Boston Avenue Market, Tulsa, OK
08-Jul-81 - Boston Avenue Market, Tulsa, OK
09-Jul-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
10-Jul-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
11-Jul-81 - Tornado Jam, Manor Downs, Manor, TX (afternoon show)
11-Jul-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX (evening show)
15-Jul-81 - Auditorium Shores, Austin, TX
17-Jul-81 - Club Foot, Austin, TX
20-Jul-81 - Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA (cancelled)
22-Jul-81 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
23-Jul-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
24-Jul-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
25-Jul-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
27-Jul-81 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
28-Jul-81 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
29-Jul-81 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
30-Jul-81 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
31-Jul-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
01-Aug-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
04-Aug-81 - Boston Avenue Market, Tulsa, OK
05-Aug-81 - Parady Hall, Kansas City, MO
07-Aug-81 - Unknown Venue, Chicago, IL (afternoon show)
08-Aug-81 - Fitzgerald's, Chicago, IL
09-Aug-81 - Chicago Fest, Chicago, IL
11-Aug-81 - Mason Jar, Rochester, NY
12-Aug-81 - Shorts Bar, Rochester, NY
13-Aug-81 - Shorts Bar, Rochester, NY
14-Aug-81 - Long Branch, Buffalo, NY
15-Aug-81 - Imperial, Niagara Falls, NY
18-Aug-81 - The Haunt, Ithica, NY
20-Aug-81 - Sunrise, Hartford, CT
21-Aug-81 - Lupe's, Providence, RI
22-Aug-81 - Swing Street, Groton, CT
23-Aug-81 - Pelham Street, Newport, RI
26-Aug-81 - Showcase East, New Haven, CT
27-Aug-81 - Showcase East, New Haven, CT
28-Aug-81 - Hangar One, Hadley, MA
29-Aug-81 - Stanhope House, Stanhope, NJ
31-Aug-81 - Desperado's, Washinton DC
01-Sep-81 - Desperado's, Washinton DC
02-Sep-81 - No Fish Today, Baltimore, MD
03-Sep-81 - The Cave, Virginia Beach, VA
04-Sep-81 - Crockmeyer's Saloon, Columbia, SC
06-Sep-81 - Crockmeyer's Saloon, Columbia, SC
08-Sep-81 - Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA
09-Sep-81 - Chef's, Baton Rouge, LA
11-Sep-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
12-Sep-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
14-Sep-81 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
17-Sep-81 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
18-Sep-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
19-Sep-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
23-Sep-81 - Opry House, Austin, TX (opening for Johnny Winter)
25-Sep-81 - Fat Dawgs, Beaumont, TX (cancelled)
26-Sep-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX (2 shows)
02-Oct-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
03-Oct-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
08-Oct-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
09-Oct-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
10-Oct-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
13-Oct-81 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
14-Oct-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
15-Oct-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
16-Oct-81 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
17-Oct-81 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
18-Oct-81 - St. Christophers, Dallas, TX
23-Oct-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
24-Oct-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
30-Oct-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
31-Oct-81 - Art Co-Op, Austin, TX
04-Nov-81 - Scarlett O's, Lake Charles, LA
06-Nov-81 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
07-Nov-81 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
12-Nov-81 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
13-Nov-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
14-Nov-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
19-Nov-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
20-Nov-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
21-Nov-81 - Unknown Venue, Layfayette, LA
24-Nov-81 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
27-Nov-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
28-Nov-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
30-Nov-81 - Hondo's Saloon, Austin, TX
03-Dec-81 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
04-Dec-81 - Touch of Texas, Huntsville, TX
05-Dec-81 - Touch of Texas, Huntsville, TX
07-Dec-81 - Texas Moon Palace, Amarillo, TX
08-Dec-81 - University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
11-Dec-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
12-Dec-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
16-Dec-81 - Scarlett O's, Lake Charles, LA (cancelled)
16-Dec-81 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
18-Dec-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
19-Dec-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
21-Dec-81 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
31-Dec-81 - The New Bamboo, Dallas, TX


01-Jan-82 - The New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
02-Jan-82 - The New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
08-Jan-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
09-Jan-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
14-Jan-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
15-Jan-82 - Unknown Venue, Baton Rouge, LA
16-Jan-82 - Tupelo's Tavern, New Orleans, LA
18-Jan-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
20-Jan-82 - Scarlet O's, Lake Charles, LA
21-Jan-82 - Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA
22-Jan-82 - Grant Street Dance Hall. Layfayette, LA
23-Jan-82 - Unknown Venue, Baton Rouge, LA
27-Jan-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
28-Jan-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
29-Jan-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
30-Jan-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
08-Feb-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
11-Feb-82 - Nu Blue Club, Arlington, TX
12-Feb-82 - Boston Ave Market, Tulsa, OK
13-Feb-82 - Boston Ave Market, Tulsa, OH
13-Feb-82 - Boston Ave Market, Tulsa, OK
19-Feb-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
20-Feb-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
25-Feb-82 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
26-Feb-82 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
27-Feb-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
28-Feb-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX (Barton Creek Benefit)
??-Mar-82 - NAMM Convention, Chicago, IL
01-Mar-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
04-Mar-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
05-Mar-82 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
06-Mar-82 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
07-Mar-82 - Barton Creek Benefit, Antone's, Austin, TX
08-Mar-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
12-Mar-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
13-Mar-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
19-Mar-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
20-Mar-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
25-Mar-82 - Club Foot, Austin, TX
26-Mar-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX (two shows)
27-Mar-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX (two shows)
28-Mar-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
28-Mar-82 - Barton Creek Benefit, Luckenbach, TX
01-Apr-82 - Nu Blue Club, Arlington, TX
02-Apr-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
03-Apr-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
08-Apr-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
09-Apr-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
10-Apr-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
12-Apr-82 - A.J.'s Backstage, Austin, TX
15-Apr-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
16-Apr-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
17-Apr-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
20-Apr-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX (cancelled)
21-Apr-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX (cancelled)
22-Apr-81 - Danceteria, New York, NY (private party for Rolling Stones)
23-Apr-82 - Cooper's. Corpus Christi, TX
24-Apr-82 - Cooper's, Corpus Christi, TX
26-Apr-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
28-Apr-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
29-Apr-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
30-Apr-82 - Hofheinz Pavilion, University of Houston, Houston, TX
01-May-82 - Touch of Texas, Huntsville, TX
05-May-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
06-May-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
07-May-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
08-May-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
09-May-82 - Austin Blues Heritage Festival, Auditorium Shores, Austin, TX
10-May-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
13-May-82 - Nu Blue Club, Arlington. TX
14-May-82 - Blossom's Downstalts. Fort Worth, 7X
15-May-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
18-May-82 - Club Foot, Austin, TX
21-May-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
22-May-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
23-May-82 - Highway 16, KISS radio
24-May-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX (cancelled)
28-May-82 - Pappy's, San Antonio, TX
29-May-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
31-May-82 - Manor Downs, Manor, TX
04-Jun-82 - A.J.'s Backstage, Austin, TX
05-Jun-82 - A.J.'s Backstage, Austin, TX
07-Jun-82 - Opry House, Austin, TX
08-Jun-82 - City Coliseum, Austin, TX
10-Jun-82 - Miller Outdoor Theater
11-Jun-82 - Fast Lane, Fort Worth, TX
12-Jun-82 - Fast Lane, Fort Worth, TX
15-Jun-82 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX

16-Jun-82 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
18-Jun-82 - Lone Star Bar & Grill, San Antonio, TX
19-Jun-82 - Lone Star Bar & Grill, San Antonio, TX
19-Jun-82 - Lee Park, Dallas, TX, (free show)
23-Jun-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
24-Jun-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
25-Jun-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
26-Jun-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
30-Jun-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
01-Jul-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
02-Jul-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
03-Jul-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
07-Jul-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
09-Jul-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX (cancelled)
10-Jul-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX (cancelled)
17-Jul-82 - Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland
18-Jul-82 - Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland (after hours)
20-Jul-82 - Basel, Switzerland (with German Blues Band)
22-Jul-82 - Dingwalls, London
29-Jul-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
30-Jul-82 - Pappy's, San Antonio, TX
31-Jul-82 - Pappy's, San Antonio, TX
04-Aug-82 - Palmer Drug Abuse Benefit, Dallas, TX
06-Aug-82 - Club Foot, Austin, TX
07-Aug-82 - Touch of Texas, Hutsville, TX
09-Aug-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
20-Aug-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
21-Aug-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
27-Aug-82 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
28-Aug-82 - Fiesta Gardens, San Antonio, TX
02-Sep-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
03-Sep-82 - Yellow Rose, Austin, TX
04-Sep-82 - Rick's San Antonio, TX (private party)
08-Sep-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
10-Sep-82 - Stephen F Austin Union, Nacogdoches, TX
11-Sep-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
16-Sep-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
17-Sep-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
18-Sep-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
20-Sep-82 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
22-Sep-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
23-Sep-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
24-Sep-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
25-Sep-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock TX
26-Sep-82 - Unknown Venue, Amarillo, TX
29-Sep-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
30-Sep-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
01-Oct-82 - Antone's, Austin, TX
02-Oct-82 - Antone's, Austin, TX
03-Oct-82 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
08-Oct-82 - Opry House, Austin, TX
09-Oct-82 - Touch of Texas, Huntsville, TX
13-Oct-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
15-Oct-82 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
16-Oct-82 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
17-Oct-82 - Antone's, Austin, TX (Cobras Reunion)
18-Oct-82 - Coliseum, Austin, TX
19-Oct-82 - Cullen Auditorium, Houston, TX
21-Oct-82 - Ritz, Corpus Christi, TX
22-Oct-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
23-Oct-82 - Opry House, Austin, TX
29-Oct-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
30-Oct-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
01-Nov-82 - Agora Ballroom, Dallas, TX
05-Nov-82 - Antone's, Austin, TX
06-Nov-82 - Antone's, Austin, TX
08-Nov-82 - Stubbs' Bar-B-Q, Lubbock, TX
09-Nov-82 - Club West, Santa Fe, NM
10-Nov-82 - Club West, Santa Fe, NM
19-Nov-82 - Keystone, Palo Alto, CA
20-Nov-82 - Keystone, Berkely, CA
21-Nov-82 - The Stone, San Francisco, CA
26-Nov-82 - Blue Lagoon, Marina del Rey, CA
27-Nov-82 - Cathey de Grande, Los Angeles, CA
03-Dec-82 - Touch of Texas, Huntsville, TX
04-Dec-82 - Touch of Texas, Huntsville, TX
09-Dec-82 - The Cellar, Midland, TX
10-Dec-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
11-Dec-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
15-Dec-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
16-Dec-82 - Golden Nugget, Baytown, TX
17-Dec-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
18-Dec-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
20-Dec-82 - Waterworks, Waco, TX (cancelled)
21-Dec-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
22-Dec-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
31-Dec-82 - Antone's, Austin, TX


01-Jan-83 - Antone's, Austin, TX
02-Jan-83 - Corpus Christi, TX (cancelled)
06-Jan-83 - Lone Star Bar and Grill, San Antonio, TX (cancelled)
21-Jan-83 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
26-Jan-83 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
27-Jan-83 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
28-Jan-83 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
29-Jan-83 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
02-Feb-83 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
04-Feb-83 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
05-Feb-83 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
12-Feb-83 - Trinity's, Baton Rouge, LA
13-Feb-83 - Club Marigny, New Orleans, LA
21-Feb-83 - Waterworks, Waco, TX
23-Feb-83 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
24-Feb-83 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
26-Feb-83 - Antone's, Austin, TX
27-Feb-83 - Antone's, Austin, TX
28-Feb-83 - The Continental Club, Austin, TX
03-Mar-83 - Club Foot, Austin, TX (Austin Chronicle Music Awards)
04-Mar-83 - Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, GA (opening for Gregg Allman)
05-Mar-83 - Old Town Music Hall, Birmingham, AL
07-Mar-83 - Double Door Inn, Charlotte, NC
10-Mar-83 - Fat Chance, Baltimore, MD

??-Mar-83 - Opry House, Austin, TX
11-Mar-83 - George Mason University, Washington, D.C. (afternoon)
11-Mar-83 - The Wax Museum, Washington, D.C. (evening)
12-Mar-83 - Stanhope House, Stanhope, NJ
18-Mar-83 - The Ritz, Austin, TX
19-Mar-83 - The Ritz, Austin, TX
25-Mar-83 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
26-Mar-83 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
17-Apr-83 - Billy Bob's, Fort Worth, TX
19-Apr-83 - The Continental Club, Austin, TX
24-Apr-83 - Convention Center, Dallas, TX
25-Apr-83 - Agora Ballroom, Dallas, TX
03-May-83 - Salem Theatre, Boston, MA
09-May-83 - The Bottom Line, New York City, NY
10-May-83 - The Bottom Line, New York City, NY
23-May-83 - Pier 84, New York, NY
03-Jun-83 - The Agora, Dallas, TX (one song with Eric Jihnson)
05-Jun-83 - Tex-US Festival, Fiesta Gardens, Austin, TX
15-Jun-83 - Trinity, Baton Rouge, LA
16-Jun-83 - Tango, Dallas, TX (Texas Flood Release Party)
17-Jun-83 - Hall of Industry, State Fairgrounds, Little Rock, AR
19-Jun-83 - Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX (SRV sites in with Johnny Copeland)
20-Jun-83 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX (2 shows)

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