Cancelled Gig Tickets, Posters, Passes & Newspaper Adverts

These tickets and posters are from gigs that were cancelled or postponed.
They include items from gigs that were due to be played after Stevie's tragic death.


Couldn't Stand the Weather Tour - Ticket for a 1985 show which was moved from Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa, OK on 26-04-85 to Mohawk Park, Tulsa, OK 2 days later. It was re-scheduled due to Mohawk Park being a far larger venue, necessary to accommodate the band and the number of fans they could attract.

Soul to Soul Tour 1986 - Ticket for a 1986 show cancelled due to Stevie's rehab

In Step Tour 1990 - Tickets for some of the shows cancelled due to Stevie's untimely death


Texas Flood Tour 1983 - Three shows were cancelled to rest Stevie's Voice (24, 25, 26 June 1983)

Soul to Soul Tour 1986 - 3 shows from May 1986 that were postponed and 1 that was cancelled.
8th May 1986 - cancelled
12th May 1986 - rescheduled to 25th September 1986
15th May 1986 - rescheduled to 14th September 1986
18th May 1986 - rescheduled to 16th September 1986

Poster for 1986 show cancelled due to Stevie's rehab

Posters for 2 shows that were cancelled due to Stevie's untimely death


Newspaper Adverts

Newspaper advert for cancelled show on 1st January 1984. Stevie was in the studio recording the "Couldn't Stand the Weather" album at this time.

Newspaper advert for the show that was supposed to take place on 28th November 83. The show was cancelled due to heavy snow.

Newspaper advert for 15th February 1986 show cancelled due to Stevie's "Saturday Night Live" appearance.

Newspaper advert for one of the 2 Hammersmith Odeon shows that never took place due to Stevie's death.

1990 European Tour Schedule

This schedule of shows for a proposed European Tour in 1990, obviously did not take place, due to Stevie's death. However it is thought that the tour was cancelled before his edath, as there were already shows booked in the USA during the last week of September, for which tickets were printed (see tickets and posters above).

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