• The Artisitic Afterlife - Article from the Austin Chronicle about what has happened to Stevie's estate after his death.
  • The Making of Texas Flood - Stevie's bandmates and other insiders tell the story behind the making of modern blues classic Texas Flood.
  • First Guitar World Interview- Stevie opens up in his first full length Guitar World interview from the May 1984 issue.
  • 10 Essential Live Videos - Thanks to YouTube and video streaming sites, there are literally 1000s of hours of video available to watch. Here are 10 essential performances worth checking out.
  • An Alternative "Best of" Album - Here's one person's view of what should have been released as a "best of" CD.
  • Trouble Men - The Secret to Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon's Success - great article from the Austin Chronicle about Chris and Tommy.
  • Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame - Austin 360 article on Stevie and Double Trouble's induction into the Hall of Fame in 2015.

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