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28-Oct-85 - "Rockline"

"Rockline" Radio Program
circulating with the incorrect date of 25-Oct-85
Bob Coburn interviewer.
Wang Chung also interviewed on this Rockline.

Prefer to sing or play;
Hendrix influence;
'Look At Little Sister' (album version)
Phone calls
John Hammond
Awards won
Why 'Come On' is 'Part 3'
Playing like SRV vs. Hendrix
'Rude Mood' live in Rockline radio studio
How he obtained #1
Buddy Guy and Mary Had a Little Lamb
Keyboards on Stangs Swang
Reese joining the band
Earl King/Let's Dance licks from a King
Montreaux experience
Stevie clarifies that the complete song title is 'Say What Soul To Soul'
'Say What' (album version)
How long been playing
What does he like about blues
What he does outside of music
Playing bass with T-Birds and playing with Jimmies band in '68/'69
"Life Without You" (album version)
Charlie Wirtz
Lonnie Mack and making Strike Like Lightning
Austin blues scene/Antones/Continental Club
"Pride and Joy" live in Rockline radio studio
First Job / Grease Vat
Flunking music theory in school
How many guitars he owns
How he got No. 1
Joe Sublett as a guest of the band and hiring a horn section in the future
"Change It" (album version)
Where the name Double Trouble came from
Doing a live album and the possible sources? he talks about the Carnegie Hall show and a Montreaux show with Johnny Copeland.

Setlist: (suspected incomplete)

Pride And Joy

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