Part 3 - Posthumous Album Releases

1991 - The Sky is Crying

Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Sky is Crying
Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Sky is Crying

The Sky is Crying - Format: LP, CD, Cassette, MD; Label: Epic, Length: 38:28; Cat No: USA: 47390; UK: 468640

Released about one year after SRV's death in 1990, the album features ten previously unreleased tracks recorded between 1984 and 1989. Only one title, "Empty Arms" appeared on any of the group's previous albums, but this is a significantly different version. The tracks were compiled by Stevie's brother, Jimmie Vaughan.

Release Date: 5th November 1991
US Chart Position: 10

01. Boot Hill
02. The Sky Is Crying 
03. Empty Arms 
04. Little Wing 
05. Wham 
06. May I Have a Talk with You 
07. Close to You 
08. Chitlins con Carne 
09. So Excited 
10. Life by the Drop 

1992 - In the Beginning

Stevie Ray Vaughan - In the Beginning
Stevie Ray Vaughan - In the Beginning
In the Beginning - Format: LP, CD, Cassette; Label: Epic; Cat No: USA: 53168; UK: 472624; Length: 38:32

Whilst this album was released more than two years after SRV’s death in 1990, this actual performance took place on 1st April 1980 at Steamboat 1874 in Austin, Texas, and was broadcast live on KLBJ-FM radio. It has Jackie Newhouse on bass, who was later replaced by Tommy Shannon.

Release Date: 6th October 1992

US Chart Position: 58

01. In The Open 
02. Slide Thing 
03. They Call Me Guitar Hurricane 
04. All Your Love I Miss Loving 
05. Tin Pan Alley 
06. Love Struck Baby 
07. Tell Me 
08. Shake For Me 
09. Live Another Day 

1997 - Live at Carnegie Hall

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live at Carnegie Hall
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live at Carnegie Hall

Live at Carnegie Hall - Format: LP, CD, Cassette; Label: Epic; Cat No’s USA: 68163; UK: 488206; Length: 61:28

Live at Carnegie Hall contains a selection of tracks from the band’s sell-out benefit concert at Carnegie Hall on 4th October 1984. It was in aid of the T.J. Martell Foundation. Backed by a ten-piece big band for the second half of the event, Stevie had celebrated his thirtieth birthday the night before, and called the concert his "best birthday ever, forever". The band's performance, received mostly positive reviews from music critics.
The CD was also bundled with “Live from Austin, Texas” as a CD+DVD release in Australia, in 2004.
Two further songs from this show were released on the “SRV” box set in 2000. There are also bootlegs in circulation of the complete unedited show.

In 2017 Epic released a limited to 3000 copies edition vinyl version on marbled vinyl, for“Record Store Day”.

Release Date: 29th July 1997
US Chart Position: 40

01. Intro - Ken Dashow / John Hammond
02. Scuttle Buttin'
03. Testifyin'
04. Love Struck Baby
05. Honey Bee
06. Cold Shot
07. Letter To My Girlfriend
08. Dirty Pool
09. Pride And Joy
10. The Things That I Used To Do
11. C.O.D.
12. Iced Over
13. Lenny
14. Rude Mood 

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Carnegie Hall Record Store Day

2017 US "Record Store Day" Release
on marbled vinyl (88985400371)

1999 - In Session (with Albert King)

Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Session (with Albert king)
Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Session (with Albert King)

In Session with Albert King - Format: LP, CD, SACD, Cassette; Label: Stax, Cat No: CD: USA: STX-7501-2, Germany: SCD-7501-2, CD + DVD: Europe: 0888072318397, LP: US: STX-7501-1; Length: CD: 63:39, LP: 37:26

In Session was recorded live for television on 6th December 1983, at CHCH-TV studios in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, when Stevie was 29 and Albert King was 60.
It was released as an album on 17th August 1999 and re-released with a supplemental DVD on 28th September 2010.
The Stax vinyl version of this release was not released until 2010 andonly in the USA. It omitted the songs: Overall Junction, Match Box Blues, Pep Talk and Don’t Lie to Me. These songs could only be found on the Analogue Productions releases (see Audiophile Release section).
An additional song (“Born Under a Bad Sign”) from this session was released on the“Stax Profile: Albert King” release (STAX 0025218862226) CD in 2006. It was edited down from 9 minutes to 3 minutes. 

Release Date: 17th August 1999
US Chart Position: n/a

01. Call It Stormy Monday
02. Old Times 
03. Pride And Joy 
04. Blues At Sunrise 
05. Turn It Over 
06. Overall Junction 
07. Match Box Blues 
08. Who Is Stevie? 
09. Don't Lie To Me 
10. Ask Me No Questions 
11. Pep Talk

In Session CD & DVD

CD + DVD: Europe: 0888072318397 

In Session CD & DVD

CD + DVD: Europe: 0888072318397 

In Session (with Albert King) Vinyl

The 2010 Stax vinyl releasewas an abridged version, omitting 4 tracks. 

2001 - Live at Montreux 1982 and 1985

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live at Montreux
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live at Montreux

Live at Montreux 1982 & 1985 - Format: 2CD; Label: Epic; Cat No: USA: 86151, Europe: 505161 2; Length: 118:11

Recorded on 17th July 1982 and 15th July 1985 at Montreux Casino, Montreux, Switzerland. Also available as a 2 DVD set.
The 1982 show is complete on this release and on the DVD release in 2004.
The CD of the 1985 show omits three songs (“Cold Shot”, “Look at Little Sister” &“Don’t Stop by the Creek Son”) all performed with Johnny Copeland.
“Ain’t Gone’N’Give Up On Love” has been edited down by 2 minutes on CD2.

Release date: 20th November 2001
US Chart Position: 178


17th July 1982 
01 Hide Away 
02 Rude Mood 
03 Pride and Joy 
04 Texas Flood 
05 Love Struck Baby 
06 Dirty Pool 
07 Give Me Back My Wig 
08 Collins Shuffle

15th July 1985
01 Scuttle Buttin' 
02 Say What! 
03 Ain't Gone N' Give Up On Love 
04 Pride and Joy 
05 Mary Had A Little Lamb 
06 Tin Pan Alley 
07 Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) 
08 Texas Flood 
09 Life Without You 
10 Gone Home 
11 Couldn't Stand The Weather

2013 - Austin Opera House 1984

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Austin Opera House 1984
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Austin Opera House 1984

Austin Opera House 1984 - Format: 2LP; Label: Concert Vault; Cat No: USA: CVLP-004; Length: LP1: 36:42, LP2: 42:17

This show has been bootleged a number of times, but this is an official release by Wolfgang's Vault. The show was in fact recorded at Auditorium Shores in Austin, TX on 15th April 1984, not Austin Opera House as stated.
It was recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour and also featured Jimmie Vaughan on guitar for "Cold Shot," "The Things That I Used to Do," and "Couldn't Stand the Weather."

Release Date: 2013
US Chart Position: n/a


01. Testify  
02. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)  
03. Honey Bee  
04. Mary Had A Little Lamb  
05. Tin Pan Alley  
06. Pride And Joy  

01. Texas Flood
02. Cold Shot  
03. The Things (That) I Used To Do)  
04. Couldn't Stand The Weather  
05. Stang's Swang  
06. Testify  
07. Band Introduction  
08. Rude Mood  
09. Scuttle Buttin'

Austin Opera House 1984
Austin Opera House 1984
Stevie Ray Vaughan Austin Opera House 1984
Stevie Ray Vaughan Austin Opera House 1984
Stevie Ray Vaughan Austin Opera House 1984
Stevie Ray Vaughan Austin Opera House 1984

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