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Unsurpassed Masters, Vol. 2

Unsurpassed Masters, Vol. 2 - no studio locations indicated
[Little Stevie, LS002] (1996) (73:47, 17 tracks)
All tracks are from the "Soul To Soul" sessions,
note on label says that these are "Touch The Sky" sessions
Take numbers are from liner notes and probably do not reflect actual studio take numbers.

01) Boot Hill (2:01) (take 1, instrumental)
02) Boot Hill (4:11) (take 2, instrumental)
03) Boot Hill (3:53) (take 3, instrumental)
04) Wah, Wah Wait A Minute (5:07) (take 1, "Say What")
05) Wah, Wah Wait A Minute (1:33) (take 2, "Say What")
06) Wah, Wah Wait A Minute (1:34) (take 3, "Say What")
07) Wah, Wah Wait A Minute (3:30) (take 4, "Say What")
08) Nolan Noodles (2:07) (take 1, instrumental)
09) Nolan Noodles (10:33) (take 2, instrumental)
10) Little Wing (1:53) (take 1, instrumental)
11) Little Wing (2:04) (take 2, instrumental)
12) Little Wing (9:12) (take 3, instrumental)
13) Third Stone From The Sun (8:00)
14) Intro-Organizing (1:09) ("Say What", withorgan)
15) Ain't Gone'n'Give Up On Love (5:11) (take 1)
16) Ain't Gone'n'Give Up On Love (6:01) (take 2)
17) Come On (5:39) (intro)

Notes and Comments:
  • I was very disappointed on the way the info. was presented on the packaging. Rather misleading to say the least. They were entitled Stevie Ray Vaughan: Unsurpassed Masters Vol I, II and III. These CD's are nothing more than the SOUL TO SOUL outakes, which I already had. I can't remember what exactly was on the "Touch the Sky Sessions" but if my memory serves me correct, this was more SOUL TO SOUL outtakes as well.
  • "Unsurpassed Masters" are all studio recordings most likely from the "Soul To Soul" sessions, Mar-May85. I wouldn't recommend these. The first discs has one second "gaps" during tracks 5,10,12,13. And Volumes 2 & 3 sound like a partial mix and are missing the vocals on most tracks.

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