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The Understanding Of Love

The Understanding Of Love - The Culturehouse, Helsinki, Finland, plus various TV tracks
[Music With Love, MWL 003,4] (2CD)

CD 1: (72:00, 12 tracks)
The Culturehouse, Helsinki, Finland
The CD cover incorrectly lists 13 tracks for disc #1, track #13 is actually track #1 on disc #2.
Average-above average audience recording.

01) Scuttle Buttin' (3:24)
02) Testify (4:34)
03) Voodoo Chile (10:24)
04) Honey Bee (2:24)
05) The Things That I Used To Do (5:27)
06) Tell Me (3:42)
07) Love Struck Baby (3:06)
08) Tin Pan Alley (14:00)
09) Mary Had A Little Lamb (3:30)
10) Pride And Joy (3:44)
11) Texas Flood (10:33)
12) Lenny (6:58)

CD 2: (70:50, 12 tracks)
The Culturehouse, Helsinki, Finland, (track 1)
Pori Jazz Festival (Finnish TV), Pori, Finland, (tracks 2-5)
MTV Unplugged, (tracks 6-8)
"MTV Mardigras", New Orleans, LA (tracks 9-10)
Saturday Night Live, (tracks 11-12)

01) Rude Mood (5:26)
02) Ain't Gonna Give Up On Love (7:00) "Ain't Gone 'n' Give Up On Love"
03) Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (14:36)
04) Pride And Joy (3:26)
05) Life Without You (11:53)
06) Rude Mood (2:53)
07) Pride And Joy (3:51)
08) Testify (3:15)
09) Love Struck Baby (5:15)
10) Say What (5:02)
11) Say What (3:50)
12) Change It (4:14) (with Jimmie Vaughan)

Notes and Comments:
  • I personally have this boot and recommend it. The Understanding of Love is a 2 CD set of a Helsinki concert and has some "unplugged" on CD2 - great stuff.
  • The Understanding of Love is a great SRV title, it is on a very appropriately named label, [Music With Love]. "The Understanding of Love" is an excellent quality audience recording of The Culturehouse, Helsinki, Finland [13 tracks, 27 MAR 84]. The second disc also has 4 tracks from Finnish TV, the 3 MTV Unplugged tracks (Rude Mood, P&J and Testify done on his Guild 12-string) and 4 tracks of various live MTV.
  • Understanding of Love has good recordings of the Unplugged songs. On these tracks, the sound quality is excellent and the editing between songs is less than great but acceptable.
  • I recently got a decent copy of "The Understanding of Love." The copy of "Love" is really not the best in sound quality, but the second disc is really cool. It has the MTV unplugged stuff, as well as some other stuff off Finnish TV.

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