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Triple Trouble With A. King, B. Guy

Triple Trouble - With Albert King and Buddy Guy
[Smokin' Cactus, SC003] (68:56, 10 tracks)
CHCH Studios (withA. King), Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, (tracks 1-7)
Tracks from "In Session-Video", same date as Jammed Together Texas Style and Let It Happen
Buddy Guy's Legends Club (withB. Guy), Chicago, IL, (tracks 8-10) see It's Still Called The Blues and Birthday Jam for more complete material

01) Texas Flood (6:30)
02) Stormy Monday Blues (6:23)
03) Instrumental Jam (12:10)
04) Instrumental Jam (21:46)
05) Pride And Joy (5:47)
06) Ask Me No Questions (4:57)
07) Outskirts Of Town (10:42)
08) It's Called The Blues (3:17) (no SRV "It's Still Called The Blues")
09) Mary Had A Little Lamb (8:38) (with SRV)
10) Leave My Little Girl Alone (18:46) (with SRV, segues into "Worry, Worry")

Notes and Comments:
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan, "Triple Trouble", with Albert King and Buddy Guy. Three of the best bluesmen ever, ripping into the blues like the world is fixin' to end. It don't get no better than this.
  • Just a warning to add to the bootlist duplicate title: Stevie Ray Vaughan Triple Trouble With A.King B.Guy Label: [Smokin Cactus sc003] Same as "Jammed Togther" and "Let it Happen" except there are three additional tracks on the end with Buddy Guy

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