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Touch The Sky

Touch The Sky
[Capricorn Records, CR-2005] (Australia) (70:48, 15 tracks)
Dallas Sound Labs, Dallas, , (tracks 5,7,9,10,13-15) ("Soul To Soul" sessions)
The tracks above have been verified to be identical to certain tracks on the "Soul To Soul" sessions tapes, which contain over 13 hours of material. The remaining tracks cannot be matched to any material on the tapes, so they may be from different studio sessions, possibly the "Couldn't Stand The Weather" sessions.
The liner notes incorrectly attribute some of the "STS" tracks to the "CSTW" sessions, so the recording dates listed therein cannot be trusted. The take numbers below are from the liner notes and probably do not reflect the actual studio take numbers.
Tracks 7,9,14,15 can be found on the Life Without You and Unsurpassed Masters 1, 2 and 3. Excellent to superb sound quality.

01) Little Wing (1:53) (take 1)
02) Little Wing (2:11) (take 2)
03) Little Wing / Third Stone From the Sun (14:04) (take 3)
04) Life Without You (7:17) (instrumental)
05) So Excited (3:41)
06) Boiler Maker (5:44) (false and full start)
07) Shake & Bake (2:55) (instrumental)
08) Treat Me Right (6:05) "May I Have A Talk With You"
09) The Sky Is Crying (4:49)
10) Slip Sliding Slim (1:55)
11) Come On (3:35) (take 1)
12) Come On (4:43) (take 2)
13) Hug, Kiss and Squeeze (2:01)
14) Hang Nails and Boogers (4:33) (a capella)
15) Right Or Wrong (5:19) "May I Have A Talk With You"

Notes and Comments:
Important information about how this CD set relates to the actual Soul to Soul recording sessions and the other boot CDs that comprise parts of those sessions has been provided by Steve Toney, a member of the Texas Flood mailing list.
  • excellent to superb sound quality
  • Touch The Sky is VERY GOOD.
  • It is superb unreleased studio recordings. A SUPERB quality CD of unreleased studio sessions.
  • "Touch the Sky" is a series of sessions from the Power Station in NYC, Feb. 1984 (some tracks are from the Dallas Sound Lab in May 1985). The quality is good. It is interesting because it shows some of Stevie's creative studio work. Very good studio outakes
  • "Touch the Sky" is the best quality of the available CSTW or STS sessions. This is well worth buying.
  • Interestingly enough, both tracks No. 8 and No. 15 are the SAME song which is =really= "May I Have A Talk With You" from the commercial CD "The Sky Is Crying." Track 8 is the EXACT same recording (less the echo which was added to Stevie's voice for the commercial release) while Track 15 is markedly different. I guess they didn't want too many of the same song titles!!
    And imagine their nerve... on the front of the CD are the words... " All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, public performance and broadcast of this recording prohibited. " !!!!!!!!!!
    It has 3 nice photos of Stevie, too. The back photo is a pic of Stevie in front of the plaque on Carnegie Hall. On the inside is a shot of Stevie holding No. 1 with NO SHIRT! If you see this boot, get it, it's good!
  • An excellent choice for any SRV enthusiast. I personally like the Hang Nails and Boogers track.

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