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Rarities In Concert

Rarities In Concert - various locations, 1983-1988
[Beech Marten, 013] (Italy) (77:30, 14 tracks)
El Mocambo (tracks 2-7)
Montreal (tracks 12-14)

01) Testify (3:31)
02) Testify (3:53)
03) Pride And Joy (4:55)
04) Texas Flood (10:10)
05) Little Wing (8:20)
06) Third Stone From The Sun (4:12)
07) Trouble (3:51) "Tell Me"
08) Voodoo Chile (11:36)
09) Mary Had A Little Lamb (3:25)
10) Couldn't Stand The Weather (4:56)
11) I'm Crying (4:06) "Cold Shot"
12) Say What (4:46)
13) Superstition (4:31)
14) Willie The Wimp (5:16)

Notes and Comments:
  • The (sound) quality is very good.. The playing! What great concerts! Subtle, jazzy sometimes, excellent! Pure fun to listen to.
  • That was taped in Italy. He leaves the fretboard smokin' on that one!!
  • Man, I've gotta agree with you on that particular version of Mary Had A Little Lamb. It's definitely one of my favorites! It starts out with a long introductory solo (a couple of minutes)...then Stevie sings for about 30 seconds, then comes back with a smokin' solo that really kicks!! Not only some incredible pickin' but also some incredible rhythm playing (with Reese on a smoking keyboard accompaniment). This goes on for another two and a half minutes. Then Stevie sings for about 15 seconds, followed by a final solo, where he slows it down a bit and plays a couple of incredibly sustained notes. Then he speeds it up again to a breakneck pace...followed by a big OWWWW!! at the end. This version is full of great solos. There's about 45 seconds of singin' and about 5 minutes of guitar virtuosity.

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