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Out Of The Shadows

Out Of The Shadows - University of California, Davis, CA
[Rocks, 92119] (74:54, 12 tracks)
Good quality soundboard recording
same as Alone In The Ozone

01) Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (10:50)
02) Done Lost Your Good Thing Now (8:27)
03) Honey Bee (2:44)
04) Mary Had A Little Lamb (3:30)
05) Love Struck Baby (3:10)
06) Tin Pan Alley (11:02)
07) Cold Shot (4:27)
08) Couldn't Stand The Weather (4:52)
09) Texas Flood (9:03)
10) Lenny (9:39)
11) Stang's Swang (2:46)
12) Rude Mood (4:20)

Notes and Comments:
  • "Out of the Shadows" is the same as "Alone in the Ozone." They are both identical sound wise (sound board recording which is very good quality). They have different graphics and both are well designed. This is a good concert with a very BB Kingish song called "Lost Your Good Thing Now."
  • Best part IMHO is "Lenny" - bits and pieces of Riviera Paradise are at the beginning and end of it. Other highlights are a soulful "Lost Your Good Thing Now", and several songs with loong jams like Tin Pan Alley, Texas Flood, and Voodoo. The guitar is more prominent in the mix and Stevie was attacking it on this night - sometimes it just *cuts* right through ya! Very good quality sound and it totals almost 75 min. This is a keeper.
  • A sbd from Davis CA (missing first 2 songs of show) which has great sound (performance not Stevie's best but damn good).

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