Bootleg CDs

Orpheum Theatre
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - 04-May-89

Source 1
  1. The House Is Rocking
  2. Mary Had A Little Lamb
  3. Pride And Joy
  4. Tightrope
  5. Crossfire
  6. Leave My Girl Alone
  7. Superstition
  8. Look At Little Sister
  9. Love Struck Baby
  10. Texas Flood
  11. Scuttle Buttin'
Source 2
  1. false start
  2. Scratch N' Sniff
  3. Cold Shot
  4. Couldn't Stand The Weather
  5. solos and introductions - CSTW reprise
  6. Life Without You
  7. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
  8. encore break
  9. intro Colin James special guest
  10. Love Struck Baby
  11. waiting to get it on
  12. Texas Flood
  13. Scuttlebuttin'
Source 1: AUD B-
Source 2: AUD B+

Notes from John, the taper of source 2:
"Notes: A cool coincidence with a bit of slight tragedy thrown in is the tale of this set of tapes coming together. Two tapers with failing gear who didn't know of each other at the show still manage to capture almost all of the show despite the huge segment each of us missed. On top of the failures in recording, part of one master is later erased without a copy ever being made! Read on...
Part of this show previously circulates from an unknown generation tape sourced back to Kevin's version. This circulating source #1 is only 66 minutes long and has the first 45 minutes of the show and the 20 minute encore. There is really a missing section of the show in this source. The taper actually had a failure during the show after the first tape flip to the first cassette's side B, not properly recording that side and coming home with a blank side on his first master tape. Apparently after 40 some odd minutes of just playing and not recording the live show on side B, he changed tapes to his second cassette and properly recorded the end of the show.
My friend Kevin is the taper of the incomplete source #1, and he's trusted me with his master tapes to transfer the show for him. We didn't know each other back then at the concert, and still had not yet met until a few years later, but I was also at this show attempting to record it. I am the taper for a never before released alternate partial master source #2!
My recording originally began on my master tapes with the beginning of the show, too. I recorded the introduction at the beginning and the first few notes of the show, when the recorder slipped into play mode and stopped recording. The tape continued to move for this first part of the show, but left me with blank tape on my master side A for an unknown amount of time until I noticed the record button was not pressed in. I hit record and taped what was probably 10 minutes or more on my master tape #1 side A and flipped to side B and tried pressing the touchy record button on the borrowed recorder that I was using. It popped back up several times until I learned how to make it stick down and record. I captured the rest of the show more or less complete except for a small gap near the end of Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) where I very quickly and successfully flipped to my second cassette. The encore was amazing, and I captured it all."

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