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Music Hall - Omaha, NE
[Unbelievable Music, UM 042/43] (1993) (2CD)
Average audience recording, clear vocals, guitar, & drums, muddy bass

CD 1: (74:32, 10 tracks)
Omaha, NE

01) Opening Jam (4:22) "Collins Shuffle"
02) Instrumental (6:49) "In The Open"
03) Pride And Joy (4:59)
04) Texas Flood (11:10)
05) Tightrope (5:58)
06) Wall Of Denial (6:30)
07) Tin Pan Alley (14:53)
08) Mary Had A Little Lamb (7:42)
09) Leave My Little Girl Alone (6:24)
10) Superstition (5:45)

CD 2: (72:17, 10 tracks)
Omaha, NE, (tracks 1-6)
Hiotfin Festival, Milan, Italy (tracks 7-10)

01) Cold Shot (8:20)
02) Couldn't Stand The Weather (4:15)
03) Life Without You (14:20)
04) The House Is A 'Rockin' (4:00) "The House Is Rockin'"
05) Crossfire (4:20)
06) Voodoo Chile (12:45)
07) Ain't Gonna Give Up On Love (8:54) "Ain't Gone'n'Give Up On Love"
08) Tell Me (3:53)
09) Willie The Whimp (6:20) "Willie The Wimp"
10) Cold Shot (5:10)

Notes and Comments:
  • below average audience recording
  • It's very listenable but a little distant sounding. Unlike a lot of audience recordings, it does not suffer from high levels of audience noise. There is a noticable improvement in sound quality on the last 4 tracks of disc 2. I'm not sure all tracks on both discs are from the venue and date listed.
  • Each disc has 10 tracks and run 74 and 72 minutes. Some would say it's well worth $55, others would say it's not worth $5. There are certainly other CD's available from the same time period that have far better sound quality.
  • I have heard the CD and I agree with some. It sounds bad. But.....the performance is regarded by many as his best. There are alot of good shows he performed, but this one is awsome.
  • Another classic. This show is considered by many as the all-time SRV show. A fantastic, powerful, fun show. Great playing. Every song is a killer. Every note makes you get goosebumps all over. Stevie was in a fantastic form. Highly reccomended. Available on CD, but the downside is: sound is below average on the CD, I reccomend it anyway. Tapes are circulating with better sound, (same recording, but closer to the master tape).
  • I'm listening to this show right now, and I'm thinking it's one of the best one's I've heard so far. Finally I have a live version of Tin Pan Alley from the "after" period. I think the show is SOOO good that everyone should have a copy.
  • "Little Wing" on "Hawk On Fire" isn't the version Stevie originally performed at El Mocambo. The version is from 10-20-83 Ripley's Music Hall ! As far as I know, the only boot known that contains Stevie's "Little Wing" from El Mocambo is "Accolades".

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