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Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean - Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA - 31-Dec-86
[Silver Rarities, SIRA075] (73:41, 11 tracks)
Lonnie Mack encore "Oreo Cookie Blues"
Same date as Fox Theater

01) Lookin' At You (4:43) "Lookin' Out The Window"
02) Look At Little Sister (5:00)
03) Mary Had A Little Lamb (9:28)
04) Superstition (4:36)
05) Willie The Wimp (6:12)
06) Cold Shot (7:21)
07) Couldn't Stand The Weather (7:03)
08) Life Without You (12:13)
09) Instrumental (3:52)
10) Instrumental (6:07) "Rude Mood"
11) Oreo Cookie Blues (7:06) (with Lonnie Mack)

Notes and Comments:
  • I just picked up Mr.Clean, and well worth it! SRV was AWESOME that night and so was Lonnie Mack.
  • a great performance and highly recommended.
  • "Mary Had a Little Lamb" is something. Anybody who has this, pop it in the CD player and blast this tune. Stevie plays with pure joy...his artistry is astounding.)
  • I have Mr. Clean and love it " Mary Had A Little Lamb" and "Oreo Cookie Blues" are great, good sound quality on this one.
  • My favorite would be from the "Mr. Clean" CD. The whole CD is great because it's New Year's Eve and he seems to be having the time of his life. Lot's of laughter can be heard in this CD. Before he starts talking to the audience, he plays a few reggae type chords and Chris follows with a reggae beat on the drums. It's so cool! "It's time to have time to have fun."

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