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College Station, Texas - ??-Jul-79

  1. Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
  2. Woke Up This Morning - instrumental
  3. Dirty Pool
  4. Rude Mood
  5. Hideaway
Time: 25:19

Recorded by Ron Rawls in 1979. Ron asked Stevie if he could record the last set. Stevie reluctantly agreed. Lou Ann Barton had appeared with Stevie for this show, but Ron deleted those songs from his tape, something he now regrets! But it's great to have these 5 songs that would have otherwise never been heard again. Thanks Ron! Here's some of what Ron had to say about this recording.
"I inadvertently erased the Lou Ann Barton songs. At the time I really didn't care for her too much. I wish I hadn't erased it now. On the tape, Stevies' vocals are distorted (I think they sound pretty good most of the time), but this is pretty much the way he sounded through the cheap PA system he had at the time. I don't think they could afford much in the way of equipment back then. I remember during the break Stevie huddling back by the drum set with a Soldering Iron in hand trying to fix his guitar (#1). A friend I was with was a guitar player and offered his guitar to Stevie. Stevie gave him a cold stare and said "Naw man. I'll be alright".

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