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Live In Montreux

Live In Montreux - Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland
[Swingin' Pig, TSP-CD-135] (Luxembourg) (50:24, 7 tracks)
with Johnny Copeland (tracks 4-7), excellent sound quality

same date as Pride And Joy [On Stage Records], Stevie Played A Little Blues

01) Ain't Gone'n'Give Up On Love (8:31)
02) Sweet Little Thing (5:13) "Pride And Joy"
03) Mary Had A Little Lamb (4:11)
04) Cold Shot (5:41)
05) Don't Stop By The Creek, Son (4:36) (Johnny Copeland on lead vocal)
06) Tin Pan Alley (14:12)
07) Look At Little Sister (8:00)

Notes and Comments:
  • There are 3 SRV live at Montreux Jazz Festival CD's; one from 1982 and two from 1985. All 3 are excellent quality soundboard recordings.
  • CD of SRV at Montreux 1982: The sound quality on the CD is 100 times better than the video anyway. Stevie's response during the whole gig resulted in one of his meanest and tuffest sets ever!
  • Excellent sound quality
  • excellent quality soundboard recordings.
  • prime SRV. The sound quality on both is excellent "LIM" is a little "brighter than on Cold Shot [Discurios]".
  • To me, using a slide is one area that SRV was phenomenal at, but didn't do hardly at all. SRV does Gimme Back My Wig and it's awesome and intense.

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