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Live At Pier 84

Live At Pier 84 - Tennis Rock Expo, New York City, NY, with Buddy Guy, 23rd July 1983.
[Live Storm, LSCD 51009] (Italy) (36:36, 7 tracks)
Also released as [Rarities & Few Records, RFCD 1009]
Both have poor sound quality
Cover incorrectly says it's 23-May-83

01) The Big Run (4:15) "Rude Mood"
02) Pride And Joy (3:50)
03) Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (6:33)
04) Love Struck Baby (2:59)
05) Texas Flood (8:30)
06) Stormy Monday Blues (7:00)
07) Closing Time (3:27) "Mary Had A Little Lamb"

Notes and Comments:
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble featuring Buddy Guy recorded live at the Pier 84, NYC, 23rd July, 1983.
  • Excellent, but the recording appears to have come off a vocal mike and there is lots of crowd noise - not too distracting, though. One good fold out picture of SRV and Buddy Guy as the liner notes.
  • Pier 83 (sic) is a great version of Rude Mood, but then I reckon they're all great! Some days the fast aggro versions make my hair stand up on end , some days the acoustic version (MTV) does it for me but a real fave is the early version: on the 1979 First Thunder boot. This country/rockabilly laid back version has the joy of life written all over it ; guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Stevie must've got a real buzz playing this one in the clubs.

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