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Little Lover Boy

Little Lover Boy - "Rockpalast", Lorelei Festival, St. Goarshausen, Germany
[Turtle, TR-03] (66:43, 12 tracks)
Nice fold open package with great photos.
Same date as First Steps In Europe

01) Scuttle Buttin' (2:02)
02) Testify (4:04)
03) Voodoo Chile (11:25)
04) The Things That I Used To Do (5:40)
05) Honey Bee (3:24)
06) Love Struck Baby (3:07)
07) Cold Shot (4:27)
08) Couldn't Stand The Weather (5:04)
09) Pride And Joy (4:27)
10) Texas Flood (8:58)
11) Little Wing (6:36)
12) Third Stone From The Sun (7:29)

Notes and Comments:
  • This is probably one of the clearest bootleg recordings, I have ever heard in over 30 years of collecting Roio's. I have yet to find one with a better sound quality. I purchased the original from a small store in my hometown for $10 and boy was I ever happy. Even though this is a single disc it catches Stevie at his blazing best each track sounds brand new and straight from the heart. Not a bad note anywhere on this disc, the foldout opens into the shape of a cross. Which is weird considering what was to pass. If you get a chance hunt this one down.

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