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Jiving Jam

Jiving Jam - Recorded Live in USA, various locations, 1983-1989
[Dr. Gig, DGCD 041] (74:01, 13 tracks)
Contains tracks withLonnie Mack, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Jeff Beck, and Johnny Copeland. Includes acoustic solo of "Dirty Pool"
Track 12 from commercial release, Strike Like Lightning (1985)

01) Champagne And Reefer (16:25) (with Buddy Guy, 30-Jul-89)
02) Oreo Cookie Blues (7:48) (with Lonnie Mack, 31-Dec-86)
03) Wham (1:58) (with Lonnie Mack, 31-Dec-86)
04) Stormy Monday Blues (8:20) (with Albert King, Nov-83)
05) Matchbox Blues (6:20) (with Albert King, Nov-83)
06) Ask Me No Questions (5:07) (with Albert King, Nov-83)
07) Wham (3:57) (with Jeff Beck, 19-Mar-84)
08) Texas Blues (2:38) (with Jeff Beck, 19-Mar-84)
09) Last Call (3:18) (with Jeff Beck, 19-Mar-84)
10) Jeff's Boogie (4:50) (with Jeff Beck, 19-Mar-84)
11) Don't Stop By The Creek, Son (4:40) (with Johnny Copeland, 15-Jul-85)
12) Oreo Cookie Blues (4:45) (Acoustic, with Lonnie Mack)
13) Dirty Pool (3:44) (Acoustic Solo, 23-Oct-89)

Notes and Comments:
  • It is a varied performance with famous musicians. Sound quality is very good.

  • Track info:

    Champagne And Reefer (w/Buddy Guy)
    (Not sure, but I'm quite sure this is from the Jam at Buddy"s club in Chicago...the disc is called "Birthday Jam", or "See you Later", or "It"s Still Called The Blues" from Chicago, 7/30/89.)

    Oreo Cookie Blues (w/Lonnie Mack)
    Wham (w/Lonnie Mack)

    (These are probably from the CD called "Mr. Clean" or "?" (can"t remember the other one) although Mr. Clean does not include Wham. This show is Fox Theater, 31/12/86.

    Stormy Monday Blues (w/Albert King)
    Matchbox Blues (w/Albert King)
    Ask Me No Questions (w/Albert King)

    (From In Session TV Show with Albert King. CD"s are called "Jammed Together, Texas Style" and "Let It Happen". Performance is from 11/83.)

    Wham (w/Jeff Beck)
    Texas Blues (w/Jeff Beck)
    Last Call (w/Jeff Beck)
    Jeff"s Boogie (w/Jeff Beck)

    From the CD called "You"ll Be Mine" Performance is Honolulu, 3/9/84.

    Don"t Stop By The Creek, Son (w/Johnny Copeland)
    From the CD called "Live in Montreaux"...Montreaux Jazz Festival, Montreaux, Switzerland, 7/15/85.

    Oreo Cookie Blues : Acoustic (w/Lonnie Mack)
    Don"t know for sure, but I bet that this is an audio dub from a video of SRV and Lonnie Mack on the TV Show called American Caravan. I am not aware that an acoustic Oreo Cookie Blues is on any other CD. If you like this song, it may be worth the price of the disc, cause SRV and Lonnie play an AWESOME rendition of this song. SRV plays some acoustic slide, if this is the same version that I"m thinking of.

    Dirty Pool : Acoustic Solo
    I don"t know where this is from, but it sounds interesting...

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