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Jammin' With The Boys

Jammin' With The Boys - no date or venue listed
[Digital Dragon, DD 71499-001] (Taiwan) (70:03, 3 tracks)
Incorrectly lists Joe Ely on last track, should be Jeff Healey
Possibly recorded at Albert Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Also issued in CD-R format by [Hawg Leg Records, HL132] (Luxembourg, 1997)

01) Cleo's Thing (7:51) (no obvious SRV)
02) Hideaway (Freddie King Tribute) (8:28) (SRV?)
03) Jam (54:24) (with Albert Collins, Jeff Healey)

Notes and Comments:
  • While Stevies contibution to the first two songs in this release are questionable, they are not the mainstay of this disc. The almost 55 min. jam with Albert Collins and Jeff Healey is a "MUST HAVE" for any serious SRV collector. The audio quality is fantastic, being direct from the soundboard. Even though Stevie is only 1/3 of this jamming trio, his contributions are more than just fleeting. When he steps out, you know it! Albert Collins is in grand form and Jeff Healley pulls his own with the other two blues giants. It's an awesome jam and well worth it. I think they should have released just this single track on the CD, instead of including the other two questionable tracks. I've bought many a boot CD that was under the 55 min mark that I was more than happy with due to content. If you have a chance to check this one out, do it! It's has a great blues jam from three great blues players. Of course we know who's best!
  • I would not recomend it. It does have a 55 min free jam with Albert Collins but it does not justify paying the money for it.

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