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Don't Mess With Texas

Don't Mess With Texas - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
[Triangle Records, PYCD 062] (1991) (65:17, 14 tracks)
More complete version of "In The Beginning", Jackie Newhouse on bass
Excellent sound, incorrectly dated as "Live in Austin 1978"
Also issued in limited edition deluxe box with t-shirt and badge.

Same date as:: At the Steamboat 1874, Guitar Boogie, Homage To The Blues

01) Stevie's Blues (5:37) "In The Open"
02) Dust My Blues (3:00) "Slide Thing"
03) Guitar Boogie (3:18) "They Call Me Guitar Hurricane"
04) The Sky Is Crying (5:20)
05) I'm Leaving You (Commit A Crime) (4:52)
06) All Your Love I Miss Loving (6:12)
07) Tin Pan Alley (8:07)
08) Love's Struck (2:53) "Love Struck Baby"
09) Tell Me (2:57)
10) Rocking Daddy (3:57) "Shake For Me"
11) Little Wing (4:52)
12) Tore Down (4:03)
13) I'm Crying (3:53)
14) Texas Flood (6:11) (not complete, fades out)

Notes and Comments:
  • It is fantastic (I love the early stuff!). It has the best version of Tin Pan Alley that I have heard.
  • I do have Don't Mess With Texas and I like it a lot. It is an improvement over the commercial CD (IMHO). It IS more complete than Guitar Boogie (it contains a "cut" version of Texas Flood).
  • I only have this one and it sounds pretty good to me. I especially like the extra songs that are on it over "in the beginning."
  • I like the "Don't mess with texas" boot, but the best recording is a tape of the actual radio broadcast which has more tone than any of the boot CD's that have come out and more songs than Sony's release.

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