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Come On

Come On - Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, PA
[Beech Martin, BM027] (Italy) (77:33, 13 tracks)

Incomplete, missing "Rude Mood" (as found on Look At Little Stevie and Unforgettable Night)
Same as Cold Shot (Vol 2)
Same date as: Soul Love

01) Intro (3:09) "Scuttle Buttin"
02) Say What (5:31)
03) Looking At Your Window (4:33) "Lookin' Out The Window"
04) Little Sister (4:48) "Look At Little Sister"
05) Mary Had A Little Lamb (5:55)
06) Texas Flood (9:28) "Ain't Gone'n'Give Up On Love"
07) Superstition (4:37)
08) Willy The Wimp (6:45)
09) Cold Shot (5:44)
10) Couldn't Stand The Weather (8:35)
11) Life Without You (12:40)
12) Come On (4:28)
13) Love Struck Baby (1:20) (listed as 3:08, premature fade-out)

Notes and Comments:
  • Another shining example of his guitar-slingin' prowess. *GREAT* sound quality on this one -- sounds to me as if it came straight off the mixing board.
  • This is astounding... soundboard quality, the most charged performance I've heard.
  • Philadelphia live show on the boot is way better than "Live Alive" (and has much of the same material) - unfortunately it is a soundboard recording and is not releasable quality.
  • SRV was on fire that night. Sound quality is incredible.
  • Favorite SRV CD-Boot: Hands down, "Come On" - everything that "Live Alive" should have been. Basically the same set list, but one HELL of a show.
  • I have a ton of SRV boots and here is my critique... To me, the best live boot is "Come On." Incredible performance, great sound. It's actually my fave boot - period.
  • This is a boot of excellent quality
  • "Come on" (Philly 87, great show) and "Cold Shot" (Montreux 85) are both cool (I especially dig "Ain't Gone n Give Up On Love"), but you can find audio recordings on cassette that put the CD to shame.

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