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Beale St. Music Festival, Memphis, TN


1.Intro 2:09
2.Collins' Shuffle 5:01
3.Pride And Joy 5:44
4.Texas Flood 9:37
5.The House Is Rockin' 2:45
6.Tightrope 6:21
7.Wall Of Denial 5:59
8.Tin Pan Alley AKA (Roughest Place In Town) 16:56
9.Superstition 4:35
10.Cold Shot 9:23
11.You'll Be Mine 6:04
12.I'm Leavin' You (Commit A Crime) 5:14
13.Couldn't Stand The Weather 4:41
14.Say What! 5:44
15.Crossfire 4:11
16.Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) 9:50

Total Time : 1hr:48 min


Copy of Master Cass. > Cool Edit Pro > WAV Editor > FlacFrontend level 8 (sector boundaries aligned) > DIME

This show comes from the "Beale St. Music Festival" at Tom Lee Park on Riverside Drive between Beale Street and Georgia Avenue in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. My friend DanF. was the taper and my tape is a direct copy of his master. It sounds good for a tape which has been stored in my closet since I obtained it.

The festival was billed as "Catch Some Rays!". Ray Charles opened the festival 27-Apr-90. On 28-Apr-90 Albert King, Etta James, and John Hiatt played before Stevie & DT.

This show is circulating with incorrect date of 01-May-90. "Beale St. Music Festival" kicks off the annual "Memphis In May" celebration so there lies the confusion.

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