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Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA, USA


1. Tightrope (inc) 2:46
02. Let Me Love You (inc) :54
03. I'm Leavin' (Commit a Crime) (inc) 2:28
04. Superstition (inc) 3:51
05. Cold Shot (inc) 1:03
06. Couldn't Stand the Weather (inc) 4:00
07. Life Without You (inc) 3:05
08. House is Rockin' (inc) 1:41
09. Life Without You (inc) 1:13
10. House Is Rockin' (continues - inc) 1:13
11. Crossfire (inc) 2:55 23:59
12. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (inc) 7:43
13. Third Stone From the Sun (inc) 7:05

Total Time: 38:47


Notes: An incomplete audio rip from incomplete video recording of a show. During the video it looks like it the taper may have edited the video so only part of it got out to the public. It may actually be complete or he didn't have that much on the tape to begin with so he kept rewinding it and recording over other parts, seems that way especially from track 7-10. Contrary to popular belief House Is Rockin' was not the first song played as the 12/8/89 show has House Is Rockin' and Crossfire at 15 and 16. The 4/18/90 show has a similar House Is Rockin' and Crossfire combo late in the setlist.

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