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Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


01. Shuffle - 4:06
02. Love Struck Baby - 2:48
03. Pride And Joy - 4:49
04. You'll Be Mine - 4:05
05. Texas Flood - 7:50
06. Superstition - 4:27
07. Willie The Wimp - 5:41
08. Cold Shot - 4:37
09. Couldn't Stand The Weather - 6:18
10. Life Without You - 8:02

Total Time: 52:40

Source: taper/johnbonham01 from the master tapes > WAV > FLAC

Notes from johnbonham01:
"Vince, . . . I think you will be extremely happy with the recording, sounds great . . . I think!! I used a TDK SA90 at the time . . . .
For the Montreal show in 88, we were front row, we had the best seats in the house, dead center, so we were far enough from the speakers on each side of us. I was a little worried that it would be too loud or muffled but turned out pretty decent."

About conversion, Joe writes:
"Very simple stuff .......nothing complicated.....a decent Boss Cd player / stereo jack input cable to and from player to pc input and I used Audacity for software!"


When Joe sent me the wav files, I split them into their individual tracks. The tape must have been flipped between Cold Shot and CSTW, as a couple of seconds of CSTW were not captured. I removed the silent areas between those two songs and left the audio untouched. Overall this is a very good recording. Thanks Joe!

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