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Hoffman Estates, Il, Poplar Creek Music Theater

Set List:

01) Intro>Stang's Swang 3:12
02) Soul To Soul 6:40
03) Looking Out The Window 9:26
04) Ain't Gone N Give Up On Love 8:29
05) Stevie Drinks Some Water :27
06) Mary Had A Little Lamb 8:10
07) Stevie Tunes His Gutar :54
08) Superstition 5:06 (Tape Flip)
09) /Willie The Wimp 5:47
10) Stevie Tunes Guitar Again :40
11) Cold Shot 6:52
12) Couldn't Stand The Weather 8:07
13) Life Without You 13:01

AUD: Exc/Exc+

Notes From The Taper:
Lineage: Recorded From 20th Row Dfc
Record: Sony Ecm-990f > Sony Tcd-5m (Azimuth Aligned)> Maxell Xliis (No Dolby)
Playback: Nakamichi Zx-7>R-09hr 24 96>16 441 W/ Adobe Aud > Splits (Cdwav)>Trl>Flac6

This Is The Raw Recording No Eq Was Used At All. Adobe Audition 3.0 Was Used For:
A Click Was Removed From The Left Channel About 40 Secs Into Stangs Swang.
Fade In Of 1st Track And Fade Out Of The Last Track

I Had Already Seen Stevie A Bunch Of Times But I Really Looked Forward To This Show. It Did Not Disappoint. This Turned Out To Be The Best Stevie Show I Had Seen To This Point. The Performance Was Smokin' From The Start. The Folks Around Me Were Quiet And Did Not Bogart Anything..! Poplar Creek Was Always An Excellent Venue For Concerts. It Was About 20 Miles West Of Chicago. It Usually Had Great Sound Too. The Intro Was Quiet Because The Guys Mic Was Turned Way Down. I Raised The Volume Slightly So You Could Hear It. The Soundman Made A Few Slight Adjustments At The Begining Ofstangs Swang And From That Point On The Sound Was Great. So Turn It Up And Enjoy Some New Srv..!

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