Here are a selection of recommended books, some of which are now very hard to find.

Texas Flood - The Inside Story of Stevie Ray Vaughan

Texas Flood - The Inside Story
of Stevie Ray Vaughan

Alan Paul & Andy Aledort

2019 - 352 pages - ISBN: 978-1-250-14283-2 (Hardback)

2020 - 343 pages - ISBN: 978-1-250-62226-6 (Paperback)

This book has been put together by long time Guitar World writers and editors Alan Paul and Andy Aledort.

It provides the unadulterated facts about Stevie Ray Vaughan from those who knew him best and were with him throughout every stage of his life and career - his brother Jimmie, his Double Trouble bandmates Tommy Shannon, Chris Layton and Reese Wynans, and many other friends, lovers, family members, fellow musicians, crew members and managers. The book also includes insights from Stevie himself taken from Aledort's interviews.

All material in the book comes from first hand interviews by the authors. Paul and Aledort interviewed over 100 people, including Vaughan guitar heroes like Buddy Guy, B.B. King and Eric Clapton and peers like Billy Gibbons, Joe Perry, Eric Johnson and Warren Haynes. Texas Flood also includes over 170 photos, many never before seen from the private collections of the Vaughan family, Layton and Shannon.

Day By Day, Night After Night 2023 Edition

Day By Day, Night After Night: Revised Edition

Craig Hopkins

2023 - 600 pages - ISBN: TBA

This is the 2023 revised edition of Craig Hopkins' book. The 2 individual books are again combined into one volume. It was privately published by the author and limited to 504 copies, with the first 200 copies individually signed by the author. Additional material for this publication includes:
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame coverage.
A new interview with Janna Lapidus.
More photos.
More concert dates.
Updated Alpine Valley information with crash research and Stevie’s notes about deciding to do those gigs.
Corrections and additions to the previous books.

Day By Day, Night After Night Deluxe Edition

Day By Day, Night After Night: Deluxe Edition

Craig Hopkins

2008 - 424 pages - ISBN: 978-0-9634927-2-0

This is the collectors' deluxe version of the 2 individual books shown below. It was privately published by the author and limited to 3200 copies, each one individually signed by the author. Eighteen years in the making, this is the Stevie Ray Vaughan bible. The book is now completely sold out, so would only be available second hand.

Day After Day, Night After Night: 1954-1982

Day By Day, Night After Night: 1954-82

Craig Hopkins

2010 -  256 pages - ISBN: 978-1423485988

Craig Hopkins presents an unprecedented celebration of Stevie's wonderful life. He tells the complete story in over a quarter of a million words and a thousand photographs, creating one of the most detailed biographies of any musician. From Stevie's roots to his renowned success, it's all here. Filled with testimonials from those who knew him best and from fans everywhere, along with facts about tour dates and recordings, stories about the band's life on the road, rare artistic and historic photographs, and more, this lavishly illustrated book is the ultimate collector's item for any SRV fan.

Day After Day, Night After Night 1983-1990

Day By Day, Night After Night: 1983-90

Craig Hopkins

2011 - 368 pages - ISBN: 978-1617740220

This book is the second installment of Craig Hopkins' two-volume account of Stevie's life. "His Final Years" covers Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble's recording career, from their debut release through their rise to stardom, an exciting journey with its fair share of glory and controversy. Filled with testimonials from those who knew him best and from fans everywhere, along with facts about tour dates and recordings, and a lavish gallery of rare photographs,

Day After Day, Night After Night 1983-1990 in Slipcase

Day By Day, Night After Night Boxed Set

Craig Hopkins

2011 - 624 pages - ISBN: 978-1617130304

This is the limited boxed set version which combines both volumes of Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day by Day, Night After Night, 

Seeing Stevie Ray - Tracy Anne Hart

Seeing Stevie Ray

Tracy Anne Hart

2020 - 192 pages - ISBN: 978-1623498139

It may be difficult to say anything about Stevie Ray Vaughan that hasn't already been said, so what others have attempted to portray in prose, photographer Tracy Anne Hart has expressed in imagery. From 1983 until just before his death in 1990, Tracy captured Vaughan as he summoned magic with his passion, his technique, his intensity, and his love and respect for the music.
The result is a deeply felt visual portrait of Stevie Ray Vaughan that tells us almost as much about the photographer behind the camera as it does about the musician in front. Through Tracy's eyes and mind, readers will experience his genius in an entirely new way. She also provides a glimpse at Vaughan's legacy, offering evidence of some of the next generation of guitarists who consider Vaughan a principal influence.
The sum of her efforts comprises a work that offers a visual feast for guitar enthusiasts and music fans in Texas and beyond. Enjoy the photographs and remember to listen to Stevie's music as often and as loudly as possible!

Caught in the Crossfire

Caught in the Crossfire

Joe Nick Patoski & Bill Crawford

1993 - 313 pages - ISBN - 978-0316160681 (Hardback)

1993 - 313 pages - ISBN - 978-0316160698 (Paperback)

Hailed as the greatest guitarist since Hendrix, virtuoso Stevie Ray Vaughan forged a distinctive style out of blues, rock and roll and R&B roots. A genuine guitar hero who crafted his attack in countless pass-the-hat jams in Austin bars and ended his career performing to sold-out stadiums full of awestruck devotees. This biography chronicles Vaughan's emergence from the hotbed of Texas blues, his bitter rivalry with his brother Jimmy, his constant battle with drugs and alcohol, his recovery from addiction and the impact of his helicopter crash accident on the music community.

Four Years in Pictures

Four Years in Pictures

Janna Lapidus Leblanc

2016 - 92 pages - ISBN: 978-0-692-71406-5

Four Years In Pictures is a rare and personal look into life with Stevie offstage. Compiled by his girlfriend Janna, this memoir is a moving, poignant and caring tribute to Stevie, with a behind-the-scenes look through many rare, candid and never-before-seen photographs from the author's private collection, along with a cohesive narrative covering the years from 1986 to 1990.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Anthology

The Stevie Ray Vaughan Anthology

C. Lee Hopkins

1996 - 196 pages - ISBN: 0-9654927-0-2

This is Craig Hopkins' first book on Stevie Ray Vaughan. Not meant to be a detailed biography, it is more a book of information about him. It contains interviews with Stevie and people that knew him and resource material for collectors and fans.
The book was privately published by Craig and only 3102 copies were made.

The Essential SRV

The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan

Craig Hopkins

2000 - 250 pages - ISBN: 978-0965492713

This was the second of books by Craig Hopkins and was privately published in 2000. It was a limited edition and is now out of stock everywhere. If you can find a used copy it is well worth picking it up.
It really is a treasure feast on the eyes of concert dates, concert posters, and photographs of SRV playing live and personal shots. At the time of publication it was the holy grail of Stevie books. It was limited to 2967 copies.

Soul to Soul

Soul to Soul

Keri Leigh

1993 - 185 pages - ISBN: 0-87833-838-1 

Soul to Soul is a passionate account of the ups and downs of the late guitarist's all-too-short life. Leigh first met Vaughan when she interviewed him in 1986, and after several interviews, they became friends. In May 1990, they began work on what was to be his autobiography, before his tragic death in August of that year.
Exploding with rare photos, personal notes and correspondence, magazine and album covers, handwritten sheet music, promo posters, and other memorabilia, this biography is a celebration of a great guitarist and includes some of Vaughan's interviews and personal anecdotes from fellow musicians.

Roadhouse Blues

Roadhouse Blues

Hugh Gregory

2003 - 192 pages -  ISBN: 978-0879307479

The music of Texas is different and whether blues, country or jazz, it has a strutting machismo, unified and informed by that distinctive characteristic. Roadhouse Blues profiles the context and traditions of Texas R&B that made Stevie Ray Vaughan one of the best guitarists of the rock era and his brother Jimmie Vaughan's Fabulous Thunderbirds a definitive R&B band of the time. It examines the roots that the Vaughan brothers drew upon, illuminates the key events from their musical careers, and concludes by evaluating the legacy of Stevie Ray Vaughan following his tragic early death in 1990.

Guitar World Interviews 1997 Issue

Guitar World Presents... (1997 First Edition)

Various Authors

1997 - 140 pages - ISBN: 978-0793580804

SRV's story is told in detail here in a collection of articles about the great guitarist from the pages of Guitar World magazine. This book features probing interviews held over the years with Stevie Ray, instructional material, a complete discography of his recorded works, and living reminiscences by his fellow musicians.

Guitar World Interviews

Guitar World Presents... (2010 Reprint)

Various Authors

2010 - 254 pages - ISBN: 978-0879309718

The SRV story is told here in an updated and expanded collection of articles about the great guitarist from the pages of Guitar World magazine. This deluxe volume features probing interviews held over the years with Stevie Ray, instructional material, a complete discography of his recorded works, and loving reminiscences by his fellow musicians. Guitar World Presents Stevie Ray Vaughan is an essential tribute to the great fallen guitar hero of our generation.

You Can't Stop a Comet

You Can't Stop a Comet

Cutter Brandenburg

2004 - 506 pages - ISBN: 978-0998080321

Cutter Brandenburg (a.k.a. Mr. Cee) takes you from the beginning of meeting Stevie in (Dallas), his life as Stevie's road manager and what he subsequently did to keep Stevie's legacy alive.
The book has masses of photos and memories from someone who loved and supported Stevie Ray throughout his career.

The Fabulous Vaughan Brothers

The Fabulous Vaughan Brothers

James L. Dickerson

2004 - 208 pages - ISBN: 978-1589791169

The Vaughan brothers are given full biographical treatment by a writer who tracked their careers for five years, until Stevie Ray's sudden death in 1990 and afterward as Jimmie pursued a solo career that continues to flourish. Based on scores of interviews with such well-known contemporary musicians as B.B. King, Robert Cray, Ron Wood, the late Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and others, The Fabulous Vaughan Brothers follows the two brothers from their modest Dallas roots to their emergence onto the Austin music scene.

Japanese Guitar Magazine Special

Rittor Music Guitar Magazine Special


1996 - 138 pages - ISBN: n/a

This magazine was published by the Japanese company Rittor Music and only available in that country. It comprises of photos, discography, biography, licks, Stevie's setup, guitar tabs and more. It is extremely hard to find now and usually fetches around 50 GBP on eBay.

The Ultimate Stevie Ray Vaughan Checklist

The Ultimate SRV Checklist

Rick A. Carr

1999 -400 pages - ISBN: n/a

A largely unknown publication by Rick A. Carr. It is very hard to find and will fetch at least 50 GBP these days. It has the appearance of a home produced document, is spiral bound and includes typed pages listing and detailing discography, rarities, magazines, posters, press kits and more.

Texas Blues - The Rise of a Contemporary Sound

Texas Blues - The Rise of a Contemporary Sound

Alan Govenar

2009 - 624 pages - ISBN: 978-1585446056

"Texas Blues" allows artists to speak in their own words, revealing the dynamics of blues, from its beginnings in cotton fields and shotgun shacks to its migration across boundaries of age and race to seize the musical imagination of the entire world. Fully illustrated with 495 dramatic, high-quality color and black-and-white photographs - many never before published - "Texas Blues" provides comprehensive and authoritative documentation of a musical tradition that has changed contemporary music. Author Alan Govenar builds on his previous groundbreaking work documenting these musicians and their style with the stories of 110 of the most influential artists and their times, including Stevie Ray Vaughan in Austin, "Texas Blues" shows the who, what, where, and how of blues in the Lone Star State.

Heart of Texas - The Stevie Ray Vaughan Interviews

Heart of Texas - The Stevie Ray Vaughan Interviews

Andy Aledort


An extremely rare book consisting of a series of interviews carried out by Guitar World's Andy Aledort and previously published in the magazine itself.
The interviews were later to be published in "Stevie Ray Vaughan - In his own Words", which was released in 2010 (see above).

Home Today Gone Tomorrow - Mark Proct

Home Today Gone Tomorrow

Mark Proct

2014 - 156 pages - ISBN: 978-0-990548690

Forty years of Austin Music and Rock & Roll history. A journey through all that is and was rock and roll using unique in-person photos and narrative from author Mark Proct. A glimpse at some of Austin’s finest musicians including Willie Nelson, Asleep at the Wheel, Jerry Jeff Walker and Delbert McClinton. Travel through a decade with The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Jimmie Vaughan and 2015 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble. Backstage and on the road with both The Arc Angels and Storyville.
An inside view of life on the road. From Austin’s Auditorium Shores to the studios of London. From the Royal Albert Hall to New York’s Madison Square Garden. Moments in time captured on film backstage, in the studio and on the tour bus. Never before seen photos.

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