Stevie's Bands

Stevie played with over 20 bands during his career, starting as early as 11 years old. The first known live recording of him was in 1969, when he sat in with Marc Benno's band "Jomo". His first studio recording came with Cast of Thousands,in 1971, when they recorded 2 tracks for the A New-Hi compilation album.

1965-1966The Chantones
1966-1967Epileptic Marshmellow
1967-1968The Brooklyn Underground
May 1969 - Jan 1970The Southern Distributor
Jan 1970 - Feb 1970Texas Storm
Spring - Summer 1970Liberation
Late Summer 1970Lincoln
Late Summer 1970Cast of Thousands
Late 1970 - Early 1971Pecos
Early 1971Blackbird I
Summer 1971 - Autumn 1971Deryk Jones Party
Summer 1971 - Autumn 1972Blackbird II
Late 1971Orchrist
Autumn 1972 - Dec 1972Blackbird III
Dec 1972 - Feb 1973Krackerjack
Mar 1973Stump
Mar 1973 - Summer 1973Mark Benno and the Nightcrawlers
Summer 1973 - ?Nightcrawlers II
1974Nightcrawlers III
1974Doug Sahm
Mar 1975 - Sep 1977Paul Ray and the Cobras
Sep 1977 - May 1978Triple Threat Review
May 1978 - Aug 1990Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
Spring 1990The Vaughan Brothers

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