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  • 13th October 2018 - Added more tour passes and concert posters.
  • 5th October 2018 - Added some rare tour posters for all tours. Added a 90 minute interview with Janna Leblanc about her life with Stevie. (see "audio" page)
  • 2nd October 2018 - Added tour passes for Power and Passion Tour, added more promo photos and added details of the forthcoming biography "Texas Flood - The Inside Story of Stevie Ray Vaughan".
  • 12th September 2018 - Updated the following gigs:

    04-May-89 - Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, BC
    06-May-89 - Everett Civic Auditorium, Everett, WA
    08-May-89 - Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, Bozeman, MT
    09-May-89 - Harry Adams Field House, Missoula, MT
    12-May-89 - Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA
    14-Jun-89 - Ottawa Civic Centre Salons, Ottawa, ON
    16-Jun-89 - Kingswood Music Theatre, Vaughan, ON
  • 11th September 2018 - Added more posters and gig tickets, plus an itinerary for Leg 5 of the Soul to Soul tour.
  • 8th September 2018 - Updated the following gigs:

    31-Jul-83 - Gilly's, Dayton, OH
    11-Aug-83 - Lowell Showboat Amphitheater, Lowell, MI
    15-Aug-83 - Rose's, Colorado Springs, CO
    16-Aug-83 - Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, CO
    19-Aug-83 - The Keystone, Berkeley, CA
    20-Aug-83 - The Stone, San Francisco, CA
    21-Aug-83 - The Keystone, Palo Alto, CA
    27-Aug-83 - Reading Rock '83, Thames-Side Arena, Reading, GB
  • 7th September 2018 - Updated the following gigs:

    10-Jul-83 - The Paradise, Boston, MA
    18-Jul-83 - The Spectrum, Montreal, QC, Canada
    19-Jul-83 - Barrymore's, Ottawa, ONT, Canada
    20-Jul-83 - El Mocambo, Toronto, ONT, Canada
    23-Jul-83 - Pier 84, New York, NY
    24-Jul-83 - Radio City, Scotia, NY
    27-Jul-83 - The Bayou, Washington, D.C.
    30-Jul-83 - St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit, MI
  • 4th September 2018 - Split ticket stubs sections by which leg of the tour they were from.
    Also added around 80 new ticket stubs.

    Updated the following gigs:

    09-Nov-84 - Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, Sydney, AU
    24-Mar-85 - E.M. Loew's Center, Worcester, MA
    14-Jun-89 - Civic Centre Salons, Ottawa, ONT Canada

  • 3rd Septeber 2018 - Added tour pass to Texas Flood tour

    Updated the following gigs:

    31-Dec-84 - Astroarena, Houston, TX
    27-Mar-85 - Hamilton Place Great Hall, Hamilton, ON
  • 2nd Sepember 2018 - Added more ticket stubs, posters, newspaper adverts and a tour pass.

    Updated the following gigs:

    13-Jul-84 - Majestic Theatre, San Antonio, TX
    21-Jul-84 - Palmer Auditorium, Austin, TX
    28-Jul-84 - The Channel, Boston, MA
    01-Sep-85 - Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA
    09-Oct-85 - Utah State Fairgrounds Coliseum, Salt Lake City, UT
  • 1st September 2018 - Updated the following gigs:

    26-Oct-85 - Montagne Center, Beaumont, TX
    09-Dec-85 - Loeb Playhouse, West Lafayette, IN
  • 31st August 2018 - Added more ticket stubs, posters, newspaper adverts and tour itineraries. 
  • 29th August 2018 - Added newspaper adverts for gigs, split by tour and amended navigation to suit.
  • 28th August 2018 - Split Posters, Tickets, Tour Passes and Itineraries into their relevant tours and altered navigation.

    Updated the following gigs:

    21-Mar-84 - Alexandra Rock Teater, Copenhagen, DK
    15-Apr-84 - Auditorium Shores, Austin, TX
    10-Sep-84 - Clowes Memorial Hall, Indianapolis, IN
    13-Sep-84 - Memorial Gymnasium, Nashville, TN
    14-Sep-84 - Orpheum Theatre, Memphis, TN
  • 24th August 2018 - Added ticket stub for 14-Aug-1984
  • 22nd August 2018 - The following gig updated:

    23-Mar-85 - Boston Opera House, Boston, MA
  • 21st August 2018 - The following gigs updated

    14-Mar-84 - Wilkins Theatre, Union, NJ
    16-Jun-84 - Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA
    04-Oct-84 - Carnegie Hall, New York City, NY
    06-Oct-84 - Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA
    10-Oct-84 - Irvine Auditorium, Philadelphia, PA
    29-Aug=86 - Parc Jarry, Montreal, QC, Canada
    29-Sep-86 - Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 21st August 2018 - Added more ticket stubs and tour passess.
  • 20th August 2018 - Revised and updated gig lists for all tours.
  • 15th August 2018 - Added Site Updates and Acknowledgements pages.
  • 14th August 2018 - Added Tour Itinerary page with scans of official itineraries.
  • 11-14th August 2018 - Updated Gig Posters, Gig Tickets and Tour Passes with additional items.
  • 26th October 2017 - First publication of site.

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