Side Projects

As well as the recordings that Stevie made with his own bands, he found time to guest on other artists' projects.
This is a list of known collaborations he made with these other artists.

W.C. Clark - Rough Edges

1979 - W.C. Clark - My Song / Rough Edges
"Rough Edges"

David Bowie - Let's Dance

1983 - David Bowie - Let's Dance

"China Girl"
"Let's Dance"
"Without You"
"Criminal World"
"Cat People (Putting Out Fire"
"Shake It"

Johnny Copeland - Texas Twister

1983 - Johnny Copeland - Texas Twister

"Don't Stop By the Creek, Son"
"When the Rain Starts Fallin'"

Marcia Ball - Soulful Dress

1984 - Marcia Ball - Soulful Dress

"Soulful Dress"

Lonnie Mack - Strike Like Lightning

1985 - Lonnie Mack - Strike Like Lightning

"Hound Dog Man"
"Satisfy Susie"
"Double Whammy"
"If You Have to Know"
"Oreo Cookie Blues"

Roy Head - Living for a Song

1985 - Roy Head - Living for a Song

"Louisiana Back Road"

(and possibly others)

There are no credits anywhere on the artwork.

Bennie Wallace - Twilight Time

1985 - Bennie Wallace - Twilight Time

"All Night Dance"
"Trouble In Mind"

Gung Ho Movie

1986 - Gung Ho (Movie)

Stevie plays on the theme tune.

James Brown - Gravity

1986 - James Brown - Gravity

"Living in America"

Don Johnson - Heartbeat

1986 - Don Johnson - Heartbeat

"Heartache Away"
"Love Roulette"
"Streetwise" (B side of Heartache Away 12" single)

Teena Marie - Emerald City

1986 - Teena Marie - Emerald City

"You So Heavy"

Stevie Wonder - Characters

1986 - Stevie Wonder - Characters

"Come Let Me Make Your Love Come Down"

Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Raincoat

1986 - Jennifer Warnes - Fabous Blue Raincoat

"First We Take Manhattan"

AC Reed - I'm in the Wrong Business

1987 - A.C. Reed - I'm In The Wrong Business

"I Can't Go on This Way"
"These Blues Is Killing Me"
"Miami Strut"

Brian Slawson - Distant Drums

1988 - Brian Slawson - Distant Drums

"Bumble Bee Blues"

Bill Carter - Loaded Dice

1988 Bill Carter - Loaded Dice

"Loaded Dice"
"Na Na Ne Na Nay"
"Chain of Fools"

Bob Dylan - Under the Red Sky

1990 - Bob Dylan - Under the Red Sky

"10,000 Men"
"God Knows"
"Cat's in the Well"

Doyle Bramhall - Bird Nest on the Ground

1994 - Doyle Bramhall - Bird Nest on the Ground

"Too Sorry"

Recorded in 1981 this song also featured Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon on it, making it the first ever studio recording by SRV and Double Trouble, albeit with a different vocalist.

The Unplugged Collection Volume 1

1994 - The Unplugged Collection Volume 1

"Pride and Joy"

Jerry Lynn Williams - The Peacemaker

1996 - Jerry Lyn Williams - The Peacemaker

"Just How You Play the Game"

Zucchero - Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime

2004 - Zucchero - Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime

"Mama" (Madre Dolcissima)

Marc Benno and the Nightcralwers - Crawlin'

2007 - Marc Benno and the Nightcrawlers - Crawlin'

"Last Train"
"Coffee Cup"
"8 Ball"
"Take Me Down Easy"
"Love Is Turnin Green"
"Hot Shoe Blues"
"Whole Thang"
"Slammer Jammer"  
"World Keep Spinnin"
"Long Ride Home"

Midge Marsden - Travelin' On Europa

2017 - Midge Marsden - Midge Marsden Collection

"Travelin' On Europa" (Europa Oil TV Commercial)

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