Double Trouble "The Early Years 1978-1983"

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In May 1978, Triple Threat Revues bassist, W.C. Clark left to form his own group and Stevie renamed the band Double Trouble. Following the recruitment of bassist Jackie Newhouse, drummer Freddie Walden left the band in July, and was briefly replaced by Jack Moore, who had moved to Texas from Boston. He performed with the band for about two months, before Stevie met Chris Layton through his roommate. Layton, who had recently parted ways with Greezy Wheels, was taught by Stevie to play a shuffle rhythm. When Stevie offered Layton the position, he accepted.

After Lou Ann Barton quit Double Trouble in mid-November 1979, Stevie signed a management contract and also hired Robert "Cutter" Brandenburg as road manager, whom he had met in 1969. Addressing him as Stevie Ray, Brandenburg convinced Vaughan to use his middle name on stage.

In October 1980, bassist Tommy Shannon attended a Double Trouble performance at Rockefeller's in Houston. Shannon, who was playing with Alan Haynes at the time, participated in a jam session with Stevie Vaughan and Chris halfway through their set. Shannon later commented: "I went down there that night, and I'll never forget this: it was like, when I walked in the door and I heard them playing, it was like a revelation—'That's where I want to be; that's where I belong, right there.' During the break, I went up to Stevie and told him that. I didn't try to sneak around and hide it from the bass player [Jackie Newhouse] - I didn't know if he was listening or not. I just really wanted to be in that band. I sat in that night and it sounded great." Almost three months later, when Vaughan offered Shannon the position, he readily accepted.

The lineup was complete.

Double Trouble with Lou Ann Barton

1978-79 Early Line Up with Lou Ann Barton and Jackie Newhouse

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

1980s Line Up


23-Jun-78 - After Hours, Austin, TX
24-Jun-78 - After Hours, Austin, TX
27-Jun-78 - Faces, Dallas, TX
28-Jun-78 - Faces, Dallas, TX
29-Jun-78 - Faces, Dallas, TX
30-Jun-78 - Faces, Dallas, TX
01-Jul-78 - Faces, Dallas, TX
02-Jul-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
05-Jul-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
10-Jul-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX (with Lou Ann Barton)
11-Jul-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
14-Jul-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX (with Lou Ann Barton)
15-Jul-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
16-Jul-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
17-Jul-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
17-Jul-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
26-Jul-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
28-Jul-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
29-Jul-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
30-Jul-78 - Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX
30-Jul-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
31-Jul-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
02-Aug-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
06-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
07-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
14-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
18-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
19-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
20-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
21-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
22-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX (with Lou Ann Barton)
24-Aug-78 - Stubbs Bar-B-Q, Lubbock, TX
25-Aug-78 - Stubbs Bar-B-Q, Lubbock, TX
26-Aug-78 - Stubbs Bar-B-Q, Lubbock, TX
27-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
28-Aug-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
30-Aug-78 - Studio 21, San Antonio, TX (with Lou Ann Barton)
01-Sep-78 - After Hours, Austin, TX
02-Sep-78 - After Hours, Austin, TX
03-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
04-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
06-Sep-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
07-Sep-78 - Atzlan Club, Austin, TX
08-Sep-78 - Atzlan Club, Austin, TX
09-Sep-78 - Atzlan Club, Austin, TX
10-Sep-78 - New Bluebird, Ft Worth, TX
11-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
12-Sep-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
13-Sep-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
14-Sep-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
15-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
16-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
17-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
18-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
20-Sep-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX

21-Sep-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
22-Sep-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
23-Sep-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
24-Sep-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
27-Sep-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
28-Sep-78 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX (private party)
29-Sep-78 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX (private party)
30-Sep-78 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX (private party)
05-Oct-78 - Stubb's Bar-B-Q, Lubbock, TX
06-Oct-78 - Stubb's Bar-B-Q, Lubbock, TX
07-Oct-78 - Cotton Club, Lubbock, TX
11-Oct-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
14-Oct-78 - Walker Auditorium, Waco, TX
15-Oct-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
18-Oct-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
19-Oct-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
20-Oct-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
21-Oct-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
22-Oct-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
23-Oct-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
25-Oct-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Ausin, TX
26-Oct-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
29-Oct-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
30-Oct-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
31-Oct-78 - 5050 Club, San Antonio, TX
01-Nov-78 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
02-Nov-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
05-Nov-78 - Stubb's Bar-B-Q, Lubbock, TX
17-Nov-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
18-Nov-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
19-Nov-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
23-Nov-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
24-Nov-78 - After Ours, Austin, TX
27-Nov-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
28-Nov-78 - KRTU, San Antonio, TX
01-Dec-78 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
02-Dec-78 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
04-Dec-78 - Mother Blues, Dallas, TX
05-Dec-78 - Mother Blues, Dallas, TX
06-Dec-78 - Mother Blues, Dallas, TX
07-Dec-78 - Mother Blues, Dallas, TX
08-Dec-78 - Antone's, Austin, TX
09-Dec-78 - Antone's, Austin, TX
10-Dec-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
12-Dec-78 - 5050 Club, San Antonio, TX
14-Dec-78 - After Hours, Austin, TX
15-Dec-78 - After Hours, Austin, TX
16-Dec-78 - After Hours, Austin, TX
17-Dec-78 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
21-Dec-78 - Lalnza's, Corpus Christi, TX
22-Dec-78 - Lalnza's, Corpus Christi, TX
23-Dec-78 - Lalnza's, Corpus Christi, TX
29-Dec-78 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
30-Dec-78 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
31-Dec-78 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX


01-Jan-79 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
12-Jan-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
13-Jan-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX 
14-Jan-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
02-Feb-79 - After Ours, Austin, TX
03-Feb-79 - After Ours, Austin, TX
04-Feb-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
02-Mar-79 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
02-Apr-79 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX (with Roomful of Blues)
06-Apr-79 - Ricardo's Cadillac, San Antonio, TX
07-Apr-79 - Ricardo's Cadillac, San Antonio, TX
08-Apr-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
14-Apr-79 - Austin Blues Festival, Austin, TX
15-Apr-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
20-Apr-79 - Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX
21-Apr-79 - Ricardo's Cadillac, San Antonio, TX
22-Apr-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
27-Apr-79 - Fitzgerald's, Houton, TX
28-Apr-79 - Fitzgerald's, Houton, TX
29-Apr-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
08-May-79 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
22-May-79 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
03-Jun-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
07-Jun-79 - Reed's Red Derby, San Antonio, TX
08-Jun-79 - Reed's Red Derby, San Antonio, TX
09-Jun-79 - Reed's Red Derby, San Antonio, TX
10-Jun-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
11-Jun-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
14-Jun-79 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
15-Jun-79 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
16-Jun-79 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
18-Jun-79 - Juneteenth Blues Festival, Houston, TX
29-Jun-79 - After Hours, Austin, TX
30-Jun-79 - After Hours, Austin, TX
03-Jul-79 - Fannie Ann's, Dallas, TX
06-Jul-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
07-Jul-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
08-Jul-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
12-Jul-79 - Reed's Red Derby, San Antonio, TX
13-Jul-79 - Reed's Red Derby, San Antonio, TX
14-Jul-79 - Reed's Red Derby, San Antonio, TX
15-Jul-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
20-Jul-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
21-Jul-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
22-Jul-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
25-Jul-79 - Miranda's, College Station, TX
26-Jul-79 - Miranda's, College Station, TX
27-Jul-79 - Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX
27-Jul-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX (cancelled)
28-Jul-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX (cancelled)
29-Jul-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
02-Aug-79 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
03-Aug-79 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
04-Aug-79 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
06-Aug-79 - Opry House, Austin, TX
07-Aug-79 - Opry House, Austin, TX
10-Aug-79 - Iron Horse
12-Aug-79 - San Francisco Blues Festival, San Francisco, CA (afternoon)
12-Aug-79 - Keystone, Berkely, CA (evening)
17-Aug-79 - High Country, Santa Cruz, CA (with Ron Thompson Band)
18-Aug-79 - High Country, Santa Cruz, CA (with Robert Cray Band)
20-Aug-79 - Keystone, Palo Alto, CA (for KFAT-FM with Robert Cray)
23-Aug-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
24-Aug-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
25-Aug-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
26-Aug-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
27-Aug-79 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
28-Aug-79 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
30-Aug-79 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
31-Aug-79 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX

05-Sep-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX (cancelled)
07-Sep-79 - Crazy Bob's, Austin, TX
08-Sep-79 - Crazy Bob's, Austin, TX
10-Sep-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
12-Sep-79 - Miranda's, College Station, TX
13-Sep-79 - Miranda's, College Station, TX
14-Sep-79 - Antone's, Austin, TX
15-Sep-79 - Antone's, Austin, TX
18-Sep-79 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
19-Sep-79 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
21-Sep-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
22-Sep-79 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
23-Sep-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
28-Sep-79 - Fast Eddie's, Fort Worth, TX
29-Sep-79 - Fast Eddie's, Fort Worth, TX
30-Sep-79 - Bluebird Lounge, Fort Worth, TX
01-Oct-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX (cancelled)
04-Oct-79 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
05-Oct-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
06-Oct-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
07-Oct-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
10-Oct-79 - Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA
11-Oct-79 - Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA
12-Oct-79 - Unknown Venue, Hattiesburg, MS
13-Oct-79 - Unknown Venue, Hattiesburg, MS
14-Oct-79 - Solomon Alfred's, Memphis, TN
15-Oct-79 - Solomon Alfred's, Memphis, TN
16-Oct-79 - Solomon Alfred's, Memphis, TN
17-Oct-79 - Solomon Alfred's, Memphis, TN
18-Oct-79 - Unknown Venue, Atlanta, GA (with Albert Collins)
20-Oct-79 - Unknown Venue, Atlanta, GA
24-Oct-79 - Brother's, Birmingham, AL
25-Oct-79 - Brother's, Birmingham, AL (with Delbert McClinton)
26-Oct-79 - Brother's, Birmingham, AL (with Amazin Rhythm Aces)
27-Oct-79 - Brother's, Birmingham, AL (with Amazin Rhythm Aces)
28-Oct-79 - Double Door Inn, Charlotte, NC
29-Oct-79 - Double Door Inn, Charlotte, NC
31-Oct-79 - Unknown Venue, Cabaret, PA
02-Nov-79 - Unknown Venue, Scott Depot, WV
03-Nov-79 - Unknown Venue, Scott Depot, WV
05-Nov-79 - University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
06-Nov-79 - University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
09-Nov-79 - Desperado's, Washington, DC
10-Nov-79 - Desperado's, Washington, DC
13-Nov-79 - Lone Star Cafe, New York City, NY
14-Nov-79 - Lone Star Cafe, New York City, NY
16-Nov-79 - Unknown Venue, Stanhope, NJ
17-Nov-79 - Unknown Venue, Stanhope, NJ
18-Nov-79 - Unknown Venue, Salisbury, MD
21-Nov-79 - Unknown Venue, Washington, DC
22-Nov-79 - Knickerbocker Cafe, Westerly, RI
24-Nov-79 - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI (LA Barton's last gig)
30-Nov-79 - Antone's, Austin, TX
01-Dec-79 - Antone's, Austin, TX
02-Dec-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
05-Dec-79 - Palace, Houston, TX (with Muddy Waters)
06-Dec-79 - Unknown Venue, Lubbock, TX (cancelled)
07-Dec-79 - Unknown Venue, Lubbock, TX
08-Dec-79 - Unknown Venue, Lubbock, TX
14-Dec-79 - Rockerfella's, Houston, TX
15-Dec-79 - Rockerfella's, Houston, TX
16-Dec-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
19-Dec-79 - Fast Eddie's, Fort Worth, TX (cancelled)
21-Dec-79 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
22-Dec-79 - Antone's, Austin, TX
23-Dec-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
28-Dec-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
29-Dec-79 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
31-Dec-79 - Antone's, Austin, TX


03-Jan-80 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
04-Jan-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
05-Jan-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
06-Jan-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
09-Jan-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
10-Jan-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
11-Jan-80 - After Hours, Austin, TX
12-Jan-80 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
13-Jan-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
17-Jan-80 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
18-Jan-80 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
19-Jan-80 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
20-Jan-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
23-Jan-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
24-Jan-80 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX (cancelled)
25-Jan-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
26-Jan-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
27-Jan-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
01-Feb-80 - After Hours, Austin, TX (cancelled)
02-Feb-80 - After Hours, Austin, TX (cancelled)
05-Feb-80 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
06-Feb-80 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
08-Feb-80 - Agora, Atlanta, GA
09-Feb-80 - Double Door Inn, Charlotte, NC
12-Feb-80 - Desperado's, Washington DC
13-Feb-80 - Desperado's, Washington DC
15-Feb-80 - No Fish Today, Baltimore, MD
16-Feb-80 - No Fish Today, Baltimore, MD
21-Feb-80 - Elbow Room, Harrisonburg, VA
22-Feb-80 - Mancini's, Pittsburgh, PA
23-Feb-80 - Evergreen, Pittsburgh, PA
25-Feb-80 - Downtown Cafe, Atlanta, GA
26-Feb-80 - Downtown Cafe, Atlanta, GA
29-Feb-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
??-Mar-80 - Holiday Inn, Groton, CT
01-Mat-80 - Fitzgeralds, Houston, TX
02-Mar-80 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
07-Mar-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
08-Mar-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
09-Mar-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
14-Mar-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
15-Mar-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
16-Mar-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
18-Mar-80 - Stephen F Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX
20-Mar-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
21-Mar-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX 
22-Mar-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
27-Mar-80 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
28-Mar-80 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
29-Mar-80 - The Rox, Lubbock, TX
01-Apr-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
04-Apr-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
05-Apr-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
07-Apr-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX (with the Fabulous Thunderbirds)
10-Apr-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
11-Apr-80 - TJ's, College Station, TX
12-Apr-80 - TJ's, College Station, TX
18-Apr-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
19-Apr-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
24-Apr-80 - Rome Inn, Austin, TX
25-Apr-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
26-Apr-80 - Private Party
28-Apr-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
29-Apr-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
30-Apr-80 - Private Party for artist Bill Narum, Austin, TX
03-May-80 - Splash Day, Manor Downs, Manor, TX
05-May-80 - South Austin Rec (afternoon)
05-May-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX (evening)
08-May-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
09-May-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
10-May-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
11-May-80 - Tornado Jam, Lubbock, TX
13-May-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
21-May-80 - Wintergarden Ballroom, Dallas, TX
23-May-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
24-May-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
30-May-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
31-May-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
01-Jun-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
02-Jun-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
06-Jun-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
08-Jun-80 - Benefit for C-Boy, Austin, TX
18-Jun-80 - Opry House, Austin, TX
20-Jun-80 - Rockefellers, Houston, TX
21-Jun-80 - Rockefellers, Houston, TX
22-Jun-80 - Agora Ballroom, Dallas, TX
23-Jun-80 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
24-Jun-80 - D.J.'s, Dallas, TX

30-Jun-80 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
01-Jul-80 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
04-Jul-80 - Brothers, Jacksonville, AL
05-Jul-80 - Brothers, Jacksonville, AL
09-Jul-80 - Double Door Inn, Charlotte, NC
11-Jul-80 - Elbow Room, Harrisonburg, VA
12-Jul-80 - Hideaway
14-Jul-80 - Lone Star, New York City, NY
15-Jul-80 - Lone Star, New York City, NY
16-Jul-80 - The Heat Club
17-Jul-80 - Psyche Deli, Bethesda, MD
18-Jul-80 - No Fish Today, Baltimore, MD
19-Jul-80 - No Fish Today, Baltimore, MD
21-Jul-80 - Mine Shaft, Charlottesville, VA
22-Jul-80 - King's Bay Inn, Norfolk, VA
24-Jul-80 - Desperado's, Washington, DC
25-Jul-80 - Evergreen, Pittsburg, PA
26-Jul-80 - Mancini's, Pittsburg, PA
22-Aug-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
23-Aug-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
28-Aug-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
29-Aug-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
30-Aug-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
31-Aug-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
05-Sep-80 - Bottom Line, New York, NY
06-Sep-80 - Bottom Line, New York, NY
08-Sep-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
12-Sep-80 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
13-Sep-80 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
14-Sep-80 - Zeros
16-Sep-80 - Agora, Dallas, TX
18-Sep-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
19-Sep-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
20-Sep-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
22-Sep-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
23-Sep-80 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
24-Sep-80 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
25-Sep-80 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
26-Sep-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
27-Sep-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
01-Oct-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
02-Oct-80 - Antone's, Austin, TX
03-Oct-80 - Christopher Moon, Dallas, TX
04-Oct-80 - Christopher Moon, Dallas, TX
05-Oct-80 - Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX
06-Oct-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
10-Oct-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
11-Oct-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
13-Oct-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX (cancelled)
14-Oct-80 - Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA (cancelled)
17-Oct-80 - Bottom Line, Austin, NY
18-Oct-80 - Bottom Line, Austin, NY
20-Oct-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
21-Oct-80 - Christopher Moon, Dallas, TX
22-Oct-80 - Christopher Moon, Dallas, TX
23-Oct-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
24-Oct-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
25-Oct-80 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
27-Oct-80 - Rockefeller's, Houston, TX
30-Oct-80 - Tootsie's, Fort Worth, TX
31-Oct-80 - Christopher Moon, Dallas, TX
31-Oct-80 - Ark Co-Op Dorm, Austin, TX
01-Nov-80 - Tootsie's, Fort Worth, TX
07-Nov-80 - Third Coast, Austin, TX
08-Nov-80 - Third Coast, Austin, TX
12-Nov-80 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
13-Nov-80 - Fatty's, Ruston, LA
14-Nov-80 - Fatty's, Ruston, LA
15-Nov-80 - St.Christopher's, Dallas, TX
21-Nov-80 - Third Coast, Austin, TX
22-Nov-80 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
24-Nov-80 - Opry House, Austin TX
28-Nov-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
29-Nov-80 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
04-Dec-80 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
05-Dec-80 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
06-Dec-80 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
11-Dec-80 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
12-Dec-80 - Tootsie's, Fort Worth, TX
13-Dec-80 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
18-Dec-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
19-Dec-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
20-Dec-80 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
21-Dec-80 - Bottom Line, Austin, TX
22-Dec-80 - Bottom Line, Austin, TX
26-Dec-80 - Steamboat, Houston, TX
27-Dec-80 - Steamboat, Houston, TX
31-Dec-80 - Opry House, Austin, TX


01-Jan-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
02-Jan-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
03-Jan-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX (Jackie Newhouse's last gig)
09-Jan-81 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
10-Jan-81 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
11-Jan-81 - Agora, Houston, TX
12-Jan-81 - Private Party
16-Jan-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
17-Jan-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
22-Jan-81 - University of Houston (afternoon)
22-Jan-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX (evening)
23-Jan-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
24-Jan-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
28-Jan-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
29-Jan-81 - Tootsie's, Fort Worth, TX
31-Jan-81 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
01-Feb-81 - Third Coast, Austin, TX
06-Feb-81 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
07-Feb-81 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
13-Feb-81 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
14-Feb-81 - St. Christopher's, Dallas, TX
17-Feb-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
18-Feb-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
19-Feb-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
20-Feb-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
21-Feb-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
22-Feb-81 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX (cancelled)
24-Feb-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
25-Feb-81 - Skipwilly's, Houston, TX (cancelled)
27-Feb-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
28-Feb-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
02-Mar-81 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
03-Mar-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
10-Mar-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
11-Mar-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
12-Mar-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
13-Mar-81 - Al's Bamboo, Dallas, TX
14-Mar-81 - Al's Bamboo, Dallas, TX
20-Mar-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
21-Mar-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
23-Mar-81 - Opry House, Austin, TX
24-Mar-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
25-Mar-81 - Skipwilly's, San Antonio, TX
27-Mar-81 - Friendly Club, Fort Worth, TX
28-Mar-81 - Saint Christophers, Dallas, TX
03-Apr-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
04-Apr-81 - Third Coast, Austin, TX
05-Apr-81 - Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX
06-Apr-81 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
07-Apr-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
09-Apr-81 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
10-Apr-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
11-Apr-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
12-Apr-81 - Unknown Venue, Beaumont, TX
14-Apr-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
17-Apr-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
18-Apr-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
21-Apr-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
23-Apr-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
24-Apr-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
25-Apr-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
27-Apr-81 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
28-Apr-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
30-Apr-81 - Easy Street, Padre Island, TX
01-May-81 - Easy Street, Padre Island, TX
02-May-81 - Third Coast, Austin, TX
03-May-81 - The Ark Co-Op, Austin, TX
07-May-81 - Blossom's, Fort Worth, TX
08-May-81 - Al's Bamboo, Dallas, TX
09-May-81 - Al's Bamboo, Dallas, TX
10-May-81 - Lee Park, Dallas, TX
10-May-81 - Private Party for Jeff Newman, Dallas, TX
15-May-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
16-May-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
20-May-81 - Humphrey's, Shreveport, LA
21-May-81 - Humphrey's, Shreveport, LA
22-May-81 - Tavern, Opelousa, LA
23-May-81 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
24-May-81 - Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA
26-May-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
29-May-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
30-May-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
03-Jun-81 - Auditorium Shores, Austin, TX
05-Jun-81 - Al's Bamboo, Dallas, TX
06-Jun-81 - Al's Bambo, Dallas, TX
12-Jun-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
13-Jun-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
17-Jun-81 - Club Foot, Austin, TX
18-Jun-81 - Club Foot, Austin, TX
22-Jun-81 - Unknown Venue, Tulsa, OK
23-Jun-81 - Unknown Venue, Tulsa, OK
24-Jun-81 - Lawrence Opry, Lawrence, KS
26-Jun-81 - Jawbone, Chicago, IL
27-Jun-81 - Hyatt Regency, Chicago, IL
28-Jun-81 - Tut's, Chicago, IL
30-Jun-81 - Union Bar, St Paul, MN
01-Jul-81 - Unknown Venue, Minneapolis, MN
02-Jul-81 - B and B Tap, Oshgosh, WI

03-Jul-81 - Fitzgerald's, Chicago, IL
04-Jul-81 - Harling's Upstairs, Kansas City, MO
07-Jul-81 - Boston Avenue Market, Tulsa, OK
08-Jul-81 - Boston Avenue Market, Tulsa, OK
09-Jul-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
10-Jul-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
11-Jul-81 - Tornado Jam, Manor Downs, Manor, TX (afternoon show)
11-Jul-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX (evening show)
15-Jul-81 - Auditorium Shores, Austin, TX
17-Jul-81 - Club Foot, Austin, TX
20-Jul-81 - Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA (cancelled)
22-Jul-81 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
23-Jul-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
24-Jul-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
25-Jul-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
27-Jul-81 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
28-Jul-81 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
29-Jul-81 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
30-Jul-81 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
31-Jul-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
01-Aug-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
04-Aug-81 - Boston Avenue Market, Tulsa, OK
05-Aug-81 - Parady Hall, Kansas City, MO
07-Aug-81 - Unknown Venue, Chicago, IL (afternoon show)
08-Aug-81 - Fitzgerald's, Chicago, IL
09-Aug-81 - Chicago Fest, Chicago, IL
11-Aug-81 - Mason Jar, Rochester, NY
12-Aug-81 - Shorts Bar, Rochester, NY
13-Aug-81 - Shorts Bar, Rochester, NY
14-Aug-81 - Long Branch, Buffalo, NY
15-Aug-81 - Imperial, Niagara Falls, NY
18-Aug-81 - The Haunt, Ithica, NY
20-Aug-81 - Sunrise, Hartford, CT
21-Aug-81 - Lupe's, Providence, RI
22-Aug-81 - Swing Street, Groton, CT
23-Aug-81 - Pelham Street, Newport, RI
26-Aug-81 - Showcase East, New Haven, CT
27-Aug-81 - Showcase East, New Haven, CT
28-Aug-81 - Hangar One, Hadley, MA
29-Aug-81 - Stanhope House, Stanhope, NJ
31-Aug-81 - Desperado's, Washinton DC
01-Sep-81 - Desperado's, Washinton DC
02-Sep-81 - No Fish Today, Baltimore, MD
03-Sep-81 - The Cave, Virginia Beach, VA
04-Sep-81 - Crockmeyer's Saloon, Columbia, SC
06-Sep-81 - Crockmeyer's Saloon, Columbia, SC
08-Sep-81 - Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA
09-Sep-81 - Chef's, Baton Rouge, LA
11-Sep-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
12-Sep-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
14-Sep-81 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
17-Sep-81 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
18-Sep-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
19-Sep-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
23-Sep-81 - Opry House, Austin, TX (opening for Johnny Winter)
25-Sep-81 - Fat Dawgs, Beaumont, TX (cancelled)
26-Sep-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX (2 shows)
02-Oct-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
03-Oct-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
08-Oct-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
09-Oct-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
10-Oct-81 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
13-Oct-81 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
14-Oct-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
15-Oct-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
16-Oct-81 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
17-Oct-81 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
18-Oct-81 - St. Christophers, Dallas, TX
23-Oct-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
24-Oct-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
30-Oct-81 - Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
31-Oct-81 - Art Co-Op, Austin, TX
04-Nov-81 - Scarlett O's, Lake Charles, LA
06-Nov-81 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
07-Nov-81 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
12-Nov-81 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
13-Nov-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
14-Nov-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
19-Nov-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
20-Nov-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
21-Nov-81 - Unknown Venue, Layfayette, LA
24-Nov-81 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
27-Nov-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
28-Nov-81 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
30-Nov-81 - Hondo's Saloon, Austin, TX
03-Dec-81 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
04-Dec-81 - Touch of Texas, Huntsville, TX
05-Dec-81 - Touch of Texas, Huntsville, TX
07-Dec-81 - Texas Moon Palace, Amarillo, TX
08-Dec-81 - University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
11-Dec-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
12-Dec-81 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
16-Dec-81 - Scarlett O's, Lake Charles, LA (cancelled)
16-Dec-81 - Chief's, Baton Rouge, LA
18-Dec-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
19-Dec-81 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
21-Dec-81 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
31-Dec-81 - The New Bamboo, Dallas, TX


01-Jan-82 - The New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
02-Jan-82 - The New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
08-Jan-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
09-Jan-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
14-Jan-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
15-Jan-82 - Unknown Venue, Baton Rouge, LA
16-Jan-82 - Tupelo's Tavern, New Orleans, LA
18-Jan-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
20-Jan-82 - Scarlet O's, Lake Charles, LA
21-Jan-82 - Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA
22-Jan-82 - Grant Street Dance Hall. Layfayette, LA
23-Jan-82 - Unknown Venue, Baton Rouge, LA
27-Jan-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
28-Jan-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
29-Jan-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
30-Jan-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
08-Feb-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
11-Feb-82 - Nu Blue Club, Arlington, TX
12-Feb-82 - Boston Ave Market, Tulsa, OK
13-Feb-82 - Boston Ave Market, Tulsa, OH
13-Feb-82 - Boston Ave Market, Tulsa, OK
19-Feb-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
20-Feb-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
25-Feb-82 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
26-Feb-82 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
27-Feb-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
28-Feb-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX (Barton Creek Benefit)
??-Mar-82 - NAMM Convention, Chicago, IL
01-Mar-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
04-Mar-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
05-Mar-82 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
06-Mar-82 - New Bamboo, Dallas, TX
07-Mar-82 - Barton Creek Benefit, Antone's, Austin, TX
08-Mar-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
12-Mar-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
13-Mar-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
19-Mar-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
20-Mar-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
25-Mar-82 - Club Foot, Austin, TX
26-Mar-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX (two shows)
27-Mar-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX (two shows)
28-Mar-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
28-Mar-82 - Barton Creek Benefit, Luckenbach, TX
01-Apr-82 - Nu Blue Club, Arlington, TX
02-Apr-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
03-Apr-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
08-Apr-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
09-Apr-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
10-Apr-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
12-Apr-82 - A.J.'s Backstage, Austin, TX
15-Apr-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
16-Apr-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
17-Apr-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
20-Apr-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
21-Apr-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
22-Apr-81 - Danceteria, New York, NY (private party for Rolling Stones)
23-Apr-82 - Cooper's. Port Arthur, TX
24-Apr-82 - Cooper's, Port Arthur, TX
26-Apr-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
28-Apr-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
29-Apr-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
30-Apr-82 - Hofheinz Pavilion, University of Houston, Houston, TX
01-May-82 - Touch of Texas, Huntsville, TX
05-May-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
06-May-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
07-May-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
08-May-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
09-May-82 - Austin Blues Heritage Festival, Auditorium Shores, Austin, TX
10-May-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
13-May-82 - Nu Blue Club, Arlington. TX
14-May-82 - Blossom's Downstalts. Fort Worth, 7X
15-May-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
18-May-82 - Club Foot, Austin, TX
21-May-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
22-May-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
23-May-82 - Highway 16, KISS radio
24-May-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX (cancelled)
28-May-82 - Pappy's, San Antonio, TX
29-May-82 - A.J.'s Midtown, Austin, TX
31-May-82 - Manor Downs, Manor, TX
04-Jun-82 - A.J.'s Backstage, Austin, TX
05-Jun-82 - A.J.'s Backstage, Austin, TX
07-Jun-82 - Opry House, Austin, TX
08-Jun-82 - City Coliseum, Austin, TX
10-Jun-82 - Miller Outdoor Theater
11-Jun-82 - Fast Lane, Fort Worth, TX
12-Jun-82 - Fast Lane, Fort Worth, TX
15-Jun-82 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX

16-Jun-82 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
18-Jun-82 - Lone Star Bar & Grill, San Antonio, TX
19-Jun-82 - Lone Star Bar & Grill, San Antonio, TX
19-Jun-82 - Lee Park, Dallas, TX, (free show)
23-Jun-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
24-Jun-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
25-Jun-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
26-Jun-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
30-Jun-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
01-Jul-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
02-Jul-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
03-Jul-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
07-Jul-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
09-Jul-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
10-Jul-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
17-Jul-82 - Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland
18-Jul-82 - Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland (after hours)
20-Jul-82 - Basel, Switzerland (with German Blues Band)
22-Jul-82 - Dingwalls, London
29-Jul-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
30-Jul-82 - Pappy's, San Antonio, TX
31-Jul-82 - Pappy's, San Antonio, TX
04-Aug-82 - Palmer Drug Abuse Benefit, Dallas, TX
06-Aug-82 - Club Foot, Austin, TX
07-Aug-82 - Touch of Texas, Hutsville, TX
09-Aug-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
20-Aug-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
21-Aug-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
27-Aug-82 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
28-Aug-82 - Fiesta Gardens, San Antonio, TX
02-Sep-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
03-Sep-82 - Yellow Rose, Austin, TX
04-Sep-82 - Rick's San Antonio, TX (private party)
08-Sep-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
10-Sep-82 - Stephen F Austin Union, Nacogdoches, TX
11-Sep-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
16-Sep-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
17-Sep-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
18-Sep-82 - Sam's Truck Stop, Arlington, TX
20-Sep-82 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
22-Sep-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
23-Sep-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
24-Sep-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
25-Sep-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock TX
26-Sep-82 - Unknown Venue, Amarillo, TX
29-Sep-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
30-Sep-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
01-Oct-82 - Antone's, Austin, TX
02-Oct-82 - Antone's, Austin, TX
03-Oct-82 - Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX
08-Oct-82 - Opry House, Austin, TX
09-Oct-82 - Touch of Texas, Huntsville, TX
13-Oct-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
15-Oct-82 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
16-Oct-82 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
17-Oct-82 - Antone's, Austin, TX (Cobras Reunion)
18-Oct-82 - Coliseum, Austin, TX
19-Oct-82 - Cullen Auditorium, Houston, TX
21-Oct-82 - Ritz, Corpus Christi, TX
22-Oct-82 - Blossom's Downstairs, Fort Worth, TX
23-Oct-82 - Opry House, Austin, TX
29-Oct-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
30-Oct-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
01-Nov-82 - Agora Ballroom, Dallas, TX
05-Nov-82 - Antone's, Austin, TX
06-Nov-82 - Antone's, Austin, TX
08-Nov-82 - Stubbs' Bar-B-Q, Lubbock, TX
09-Nov-82 - Club West, Santa Fe, NM
10-Nov-82 - Club West, Santa Fe, NM
19-Nov-82 - Keystone, Palo Alto, CA
20-Nov-82 - Keystone, Berkely, CA
21-Nov-82 - The Stone, San Francisco, CA
26-Nov-82 - Blue Lagoon, Marina del Rey, CA
27-Nov-82 - Cathey de Grande, Los Angeles, CA
03-Dec-82 - Touch of Texas, Huntsville, TX
04-Dec-82 - Touch of Texas, Huntsville, TX
09-Dec-82 - The Cellar, Midland, TX
10-Dec-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
11-Dec-82 - Fat Dawgs, Lubbock, TX
15-Dec-82 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
16-Dec-82 - Golden Nugget, Baytown, TX
17-Dec-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
18-Dec-82 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
20-Dec-82 - Waterworks, Waco, TX (cancelled)
21-Dec-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
22-Dec-82 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
31-Dec-82 - Antone's, Austin, TX


01-Jan-83 - Antone's, Austin, TX
02-Jan-83 - Corpus Christi, TX (cancelled)
06-Jan-83 - Lone Star Bar and Grill, San Antonio, TX (cancelled)
21-Jan-83 - Continental Club, Austin, TX
26-Jan-83 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
27-Jan-83 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
28-Jan-83 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
29-Jan-83 - Crossroads, Nacogdoches, TX
02-Feb-83 - Nick's Uptown, Dallas, TX
04-Feb-83 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
05-Feb-83 - Steamboat 1874, Austin, TX
12-Feb-83 - Trinity's, Baton Rouge, LA
13-Feb-83 - Club Marigny, New Orleans, LA
21-Feb-83 - Waterworks, Waco, TX
23-Feb-83 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
24-Feb-83 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
26-Feb-83 - Antone's, Austin, TX
27-Feb-83 - Antone's, Austin, TX
28-Feb-83 - The Continental Club, Austin, TX
03-Mar-83 - Club Foot, Austin, TX (Austin Chronicle Music Awards)
04-Mar-83 - Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, GA (opening for Gregg Allman)
05-Mar-83 - Old Town Music Hall, Birmingham, AL
07-Mar-83 - Double Door Inn, Charlotte, NC
10-Mar-83 - Fat Chance, Baltimore, MD

??-Mar-83 - Opry House, Austin, TX
11-Mar-83 - George Mason University, Washington, D.C. (afternoon)
11-Mar-83 - The Wax Museum, Washington, D.C. (evening)
12-Mar-83 - Stanhope House, Stanhope, NJ
18-Mar-83 - The Ritz, Austin, TX
19-Mar-83 - The Ritz, Austin, TX
25-Mar-83 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
26-Mar-83 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX
17-Apr-83 - Billy Bob's, Fort Worth, TX
19-Apr-83 - The Continental Club, Austin, TX
24-Apr-83 - Convention Center, Dallas, TX
25-Apr-83 - Agora Ballroom, Dallas, TX
03-May-83 - Salem Theatre, Boston, MA
09-May-83 - The Bottom Line, New York City, NY
10-May-83 - The Bottom Line, New York City, NY
23-May-83 - Pier 84, New York, NY
03-Jun-83 - The Agora, Dallas, TX (one song with Eric Jihnson)
05-Jun-83 - Tex-US Festival, Fiesta Gardens, Austin, TX
15-Jun-83 - Trinity, Baton Rouge, LA
16-Jun-83 - Tango, Dallas, TX (Texas Flood Release Party)
17-Jun-83 - Hall of Industry, State Fairgrounds, Little Rock, AR
19-Jun-83 - Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX (SRV sites in with Johnny Copeland)
20-Jun-83 - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX (2 shows)

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